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Nothing is more precious than life. In the West hills of Beijing, a suitable place for begonia growth, creative inspiration is most likely to burst out. In 2018, The Sower beside Badachu used beautiful buildings to create a world that treats everything as it is and acts on its own.
The Sower, integrated into the beautiful landscape of Xishan Badachu and Yongding River, inherits the simplicity and elegance of modern Mandarin architectural language. This low-density residential area of pure foreign houses blossoms the freehand beauty of Chinese architecture.
In the city life, we are experiencing great changes all the time. In the collision of multi-cultures, Chinese people have more expectations for the aesthetics of living. Therefore, The Sower uses "new Mandarin" to reconstruct Chinese and Western architectural elements, and finds the "meaning" of China in the world culture in the new "form".
The whole community is divided into 3 plots, composed of 30 residential buildings, 2 supporting buildings, 1 commercial office building, a total of 1156 households. The general plane is the overall layout of the cross axis, the space sequence of folding and placing, classical charm, elegant, dignified architectural temperament. The design concept is green, civilized, harmonious and livable.
The facade creation of The Sower inherits the modern Mandarin evolution of Chinese architecture, integrates the calm and solemn Chinese roof with the classical three-section facade with simple and symmetrical lines. It carefully sculpted the size of beams and columns and the proportion of window walls to increase the permeability of the facade. The decorative details are rich, delicate and durable.
The building facade is layered with warm grey, from the roof, house body, eave decoration, ornamentation, platform, corner...... Each color has to go through seventeen rounds of physical proofing, which is three degrees deep and three degrees shallow. The actual color and the environment integration degree in the morning, noon, evening, sunny, rainy and even hazy days are studied. The color construction scheme was made after forty days of careful consideration. With both the texture of Chinese architecture and the common aesthetic color of the global intellectual class, the nervous and busy mood will be quiet at the moment of seeing home.
Ordinary buildings only pay attention to the outer facades around the building, while Green Town also pays attention to the fifth facade outside the four facades, which is equally important for presenting the beauty of the whole building. Freehand landscape is reflected in the integration between the architectural outline and nature. The building of The Sower takes the sloping roof, once the most important order language of Chinese architecture, as the fifth facade, which becomes the brushwork of dialogue with the mountain. With flowing consciousness, echoing the vein of the mountain. The layered sloping roof is the outline of another mountain when viewed from afar, the lighthouse for returning home when viewed from close, and the eaves where family members can enjoy the rain on the mountain.
Proportion is superfluous to necessity, but essential to the beauty and poetry of architecture. We want children to grow up in an environment of beauty and build up the perception dimension of beauty. This is a matter of great concern to the spiritual happiness of one's life.
In terms of space design, The Sower penetrates the value orientation of family and personal life into the architectural dedication to details and the perfect design of life functions. In terms of space construction, it strives to achieve the uniformity of landscape resources and household layout. Each household has 2-3 square rooms facing south, which fully meets the needs of the current mainstream family life in China.
In the limited space of 90-135 square meters to develop 3-4 products, fully meet the newlywed, second child, three generations of the same family, home care and other extendable functional needs, the whole house only one bearing column, to reserve more possibilities for life.
The Sower pays tribute to the spirit of Chinese garden, the garden as an inseparable living space, considerable, can travel, but also can stop. At the same time, the garden space is also created as an extension of the interior space. All the apartment types are transparent from north to south, with 2-3 rooms facing south. The large area of window sash design and the unobstructed viewing interface guide users out of the house, towards the park and into the nature. Extending from space design to an all-round design of living culture, The Sower takes social oriented living space to establish a real connection with nature and settle the energy of changing the world.

Agency: GOA (Group of Architects )

As a large design organization with premium architectural quality as its ultimate mission, GOA provides customers with highly reliable and integrated professional services. The Company currently boasts a pool of more than 800 professionals and sets up offices in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing, forming a full-profession system covering urban design, architectural creation, engineering design, and management consulting. With irreplaceable pioneering advantages in such fields as high-rise buildings, hotels, urban mansions, sci-tech parks, and characteristic towns, GOA is also one of the first private design organizations that obtain the national class-A qualification in construction engineering.
Since its foundation in 1998, GOA has always adhered to a principal-centered working mode. Bolstered by a powerful operative platform, more than 30 principals and their professional teams are closely connected through three systems, i.e. Project Manager, Design Manger and Engineering Manager to dig into the whole-process quality control of each project. With a deep insight into customers’ value demands at multiple levels and being good at combining international vision with local conditions, GOA not only provides systematic design solutions, but also efficiently integrates top-notch expert resources worldwide, with a view to provide customers with highly diversified and well-processed works.
A rigorous, objective, diversified and open corporate culture is the brand gene of GOA that provides professionals with attractive work environment and remuneration, cares about and supports the independent growth of outstanding talents, and constantly creates an innovation atmosphere of interdisciplinary cooperation. By dint of its unique vitality, GOA is devoted to providing every employee with a platform to practice and fulfill dreams.