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The romantic roses are blooming
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In the summer of 2022, the outer building of the house is a French classical feeling, with a small courtyard, the old iron door open, which is full of blooming flowers.
The owner is very beautiful, the conversation is gentle and romantic, with art students, talk about their good painting field, gushing, this house with a relaxed atmosphere. The case name is from the Rose Boy, "Lost in Shakespeare's garden, where the romantic roses are blooming" In the structural design of the house to pursue simplicity, contrary to the decoration, we want to turn the space into a corridor of art. Who says the house must be neat? It is more pleasant to sit down to paint and drink tea everywhere. Suitable for their own, they like, is the best.

Designer: Siyao Li

Siyao Li Member of the China Interior Design Association, Registered designer of China Decoration and Building Association, Senior furnishings art designer, Sina dazzle space is the best style designer, Silver Award of annual International Environmental Art Innovative Design Works Competition, First prize of Decoration World Cup 2022 China Decoration Art Design Competition.