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The realm of extinction


Though born in the hustle and bustle, the beauty of design returns tranquility and peace to life in the end. There are thousands of feelings at home, but the romance of home always be the same. In the city, we always pursue a sense of authenticity, simplicity, transparency, and peace as well. Condensed in architectural charm, it is truly endowed with a sense of elegance in the space, a dialogue between light and shadow, and a layer of nobility in the texture.
In this case, the designer boldly used ultra-low saturation color schemes to create a subversive warm texture. Examples tell us that lightness and mellowness can coexist, so does the style and timelessness, as well as elegance and simplicity. Savour carefully, every detail, every color, every corner, we can enjoy a moment of style, a beam of soft light, a stack of beautiful dreams. Taking a fully appreciation, we can find that the beauty of style, the softy of light, as well as the romance of dream are all hided here and there.
The entrance is the hallway, with the living room and dining room on each side. The harmony between the wood veneer and the wooden furniture directly reveal a clear sentiment with exquisite texture beauty. The mixture of peanut trees and swallows on the large-area wall paintings brings a touch of warmth into the space.
Spreading on the ground, the variegated wool carpet makes the space warm and comfortable with every beam of sunshine skipping and hopping on it. The home theater system, composed of projectors and speakers, gives people an immersive audio-visual experience, allowing you to enjoy a visual feast to comfort heart and soul after a long day of toil. Under the wide window, the lovely dolls enjoy the lazy daylight with their owner.
Embellished with no boring colors, the place is enlightened with a pot of green plant, not only full of vitality and aura, but glorious vigour. The artistic lighting on the small cabinet not only fills the light and shadow with scattered layers, but also forms a contrast with the surrounding environment, thus colliding with a good taste.
The restaurant was decorated with traditional Chinese layout, and the small exquisite table is big enough to make the whole family enjoy their meal. The inlay of large household appliances such as ovens greatly saves indoor space and makes the space layout more concise. Echoing the murals in the living room, the combination between natural elements and the creative expressions bring a strong sense of visual impact as well as vitality, thus making people enjoy their food in good spirit.
Spreading over the bedroom, the original wooden floor and wooden veneer creates a warm and mellow environment for good sleep. With curtains of the same color, the wide windows reflect every beam of sunshine into each and every inch of the room. The retro and rustic features of the high-back bed shows the comfort of luxury, allowing the owners to have a good sleep every night. The artistic lighting of the same shape on the bedside table echoes the living room, presenting IKEA's livable life elegance fully and comprehensively.
The study room was designed in the same elegant and high-level tone, which puts a strong cultural atmosphere for the owner to work at home. Endowed with an artistic beauty, the books and decorations on the shelves represent a condensed silence of the way of Zen. Working and reading here can not only fully refresh the body and soul, but also allow you enjoy the humanistic feelings.
The style of the children's room is slightly changed on the basis of the main body, adding childish innocence while maintaining the same theme. A slowly rising hot air balloon on the wall symbolically expresses the eager for exploring the world, the yearning for the sky, and the diligence for the unknown. Koala art paintings show a childlike innocence, which accompanies the little master to sleep every night.
Based on the principle of “less is more”, the place of bathroom was in good use under the premise of separation of dry and wet. A typical modern kitchen has an extremely bright and tidy operating table to ensure that every process during cooking is completed in an orderly manner.
In this case, abandoning the stacking of cumbersome and complicated elements, the designer returned back to the original intention of architectural aesthetics, creating an extremely comfortable and warm living environment for modern people with precise design and classic color collocation. On this very note, a harmony between space and human was made.

Touch Design

Touch Design was founded in 2008, focusing on the design and construction services of high-end private houses, commercial and office spaces. The company has dual qualifications for design and construction. It is a founding brand that introduces space design into Tianjin in the form of a studio, and is a hot brand for online media. We advocate the independence and originality of design and the quality and comfort of space, and strive to perfectly combine the scientific design and visual artistry, to provide elite customers with high-quality various space design and construction services, and always go with the spirit of ingenuity Reshape the aesthetics of space design.