INNOVATION Prize of Office Design

The office building of the design institute


As the new office building of the highest design institute in this province, how to reflect the characteristics of the industry in the decoration design? International vision, pattern? Continue to lead the architectural design industry in the future breakthrough, innovation?



In this case we want to extract the information and elements that related with building in regional culture. We regard style lei as the spiritual core and integrate it into the space. He is the inventor and inheritor of Chinese mortise and mortise wooden structure architectural system with far-reaching influence in China and even in the world. The purpose is to look forward to the future development of jiangxi general institute of design and research in architectural design, innovate in inheritance, and bring jiangxi design to the forefront of the world. Inspiration and elements of the main use of Chinese architectural mortise and tenon structure deformation, simplified wooden decorative parts.
We take green, ecological atmosphere, intelligence, technology and other aspects of knowledge for the design of power.

Huang Zhenyu

Li Heping