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The Bright Eastbund Hotel
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The Bright Eastbund Hotel Project is located in Chongming Island of Shanghai City, formerly known as the Qianshao Farm Weaving Factory, Interscape Design Associates, based on the historical context of Bright Food Group, finds the historical traces of original farm landforms around the farm texture of “fields, forests, water, houses and roads”, and follows the emotional memories and current ecosystem.
Interscape Design Associates elaborates vague historical memories and prospects for the future into its design language, in the hope of establishing a new model between farm and city; this is a space left blank, where the interior design sustains the fair-faced concrete texture of the building itself, it’s inclusive, non-exaggerated, rich and tasteful; this is a deconstruction of lights and shadows, breaking the norms, advocating for nature, harmonizing the space, and switching functions within steps in extremely simplistic moving lines.
Modern art goes deep into it with its diversified forms of expression, enriching the explorative space through changing structures.

Agency:Interscape Design Associates

Founded in 2010 and with 3 branch offices in Sanlitun Beijing, Huangpu Riverside Shanghai and Chengdu. Interscape is focused on providing comprehensive interior design service for luxury hotels, resorts, upscale residential properties and etc.
We are the only design company that possesses the big data of construction cost management of more than 70 hotels. We adhere to the design philosophy of “Design within Budget without Compromising Creativity” and have rich experience of designing with limited amount of cost while achieving maximum effect. We have won dozens of international design awards from organizers in England, France, America, Singapore, etc.