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Textured Polo Shirt(costume)
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This is a polo shirt that combines scientific health and beauty and practicality, which aims to provide a very fashionable wear for middle-income men such as white-collar workers, teachers, doctors and so on. Using the leading textile technology, using high-end and healthy production fabric - mulberry silk, it is comfortable to wear, soft and breathable, so as to achieve effective wear resistance, skid resistance and durability. The workmanship is meticulous, the car insurance is firm, and every detail is taken care of to bring users an excellent wearing experience.
The fabric is made of silk pineapple flower, which is durable, light, flexible and soft to touch. The product combines the ventilation and quick drying of sports functionality with the comfort of daily wear to meet users' all-weather clothing needs. At the same time, mulberry silk can not only block ultraviolet rays, but also prevent skin diseases, keep skin healthy, and is conducive to the healthy development of skin.
This product combines ergonomics, uses 3D three-dimensional knitting, fits the human body curve, is crisp and stylish, and is comfortable to wear without tension, highlighting the cleanliness. Classic business version, elegant without losing taste. Open shoulder free movement design, from the shoulder to the tail of the fine consideration, the pursuit of extreme detail, not easy to deform, vertical and natural.
Through exquisite textile technology, even after repeated washing and wearing for many years, its color and luster can still remain full. At the same time, the fabric is comfortable and breathable. The larger the diffusion area of water droplets, the faster the evaporation. 360 degree circular breathing, so as to achieve real moisture removal and ventilation, and keep fresh and comfortable at all times.

Agency: Hunan Dongfang Fashion CO.,LTD

Hunan Dongfang Fashion CO.,LTD (SUNDANCE Group) is a garment enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales. The company was founded in 1994. It has three major brands, namely, the light business men's wear brand of "SUNDANCE", "the high-end professional wear brand of" SOFFICE "and the private custom brand of “Labelit. Founded in 2010, SOFFICE is a professional clothing custom brand under Hunan Dongfang Fashion CO.,LTD. For more than ten years, SOFFICE has designed elegant, comfortable and easy to take care of clothes by relying on a team of internationally renowned clothing designers. It has provided a variety of group image matching schemes for administrative affairs, enterprise business and education colleges. At present, it has provided group customization services for thousands of large enterprises and institutions in more than 40 industries.