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Chinese Tea culture has a long history. As a cultural symbol, tea has become an important part of Chinese traditional culture with the changes of the times. The aesthetic ideas contained therein are treasures that nourish the spiritual world of the Chinese nation.
The Tea culture museum in Xiaoqiao Town reproduces historical ancient houses, shops, banks and other scenes with Tea culture characteristics. Utilizing modern projection technology and combining sound and light to create a tea technology immersive cinema that reproduces the panoramic view of the entire ancient Jianzhou in the Song Dynasty and the flourishing glory of tea trade in the Song Dynasty. The Beiyuan Gongcha Ancient Road, 5G Smart Tea Garden Application, Tea Technology Innovation Park Exhibition, Ancient and Modern Tea Making Craft Exhibition, and Beiyuan Gongcha Going Global.
By introducing the sixth chapter of the Tea Classic, people's thoughts were drawn into the Song Dynasty, where tea drinking was prevalent. The four characters "Xiong Zhen Nan Tian" showcase the grandeur of the city tower.
Recreate the scene of tea making in the Song Dynasty, vividly showcasing the charm of the prosperous tea era at that time. A small leaf, like a single spark, starts a prairie fire. Injecting the aesthetic foundation of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, it gradually formed the unique tea ceremony aesthetics in China.
The cliff stone carvings demonstrate the love relationship between ancient people and tea from various generations, and tea has become a necessary item for literati to write poetry and engage in conversation. It carries a projection of the inner consciousness of literati and scholars, and is the manifestation and inheritance of culture.
The tea museum has the experience of popularizing science, showing historical charm and sublimating pedestrians. What is more important is to let the tea culture go deeper into people's hearts and better present Tea culture to the audience.
In the exhibition area of tea history, the development of tea making techniques will be presented one by one. The technology of tea continues to evolve with the times, and people's understanding of tea will also change with the development of the times. However, regardless of the changes, as the earliest country to discover, cultivate, and utilize tea, the spiritual core of its tea has remained unchanged throughout the millennium.
The spiritual charm brought by Chinese tea culture goes through the evolution of civilization with the Chinese nation through a small leaf. At a glance, the tools of ancient tea can evoke endless thoughts. Like the ancients, we feel the same 'heart' in the embrace of nature.
The endless charm of tea and its profound cultural significance should be protected and inherited by future generations. The Tea culture museum is carrying such a mission, using more modern technology to bring more kinds of experiences to people.


Xu Jianhua:
Graduated from Interior Design at Nanchang Academy of Fine Arts in 1999.
Deputy Chief Designer of Guoguang Yiye.
Director of the Ninth Design Institute of Public Construction.
Deputy Secretary General of Fujian Creative Design Industry Association.
Director of Fujian Creative Design Industry Association.
Deputy Secretary General of Fujian Interior designer Association.
Secretary General of Fuzhou Interior designer Association.
Member of CIID Fujian Secretariat.
Member of the Fujian Executive Committee of the IEED International Environmental Design Alliance in China Deputy Director of Commercial Space Design Professional Committee of Fujian Interior designer Association.
Personal Honors and Practicing Qualifications:
Senior Interior Architect of China Architectural Decoration Association.
Member of the China Society of Interior Design.
Excellent Interior designer in Fujian Architectural Decoration Industry.
2002-2016 Fujian Excellent Interior designer IEED International Ecological Environment Design Alliance.
Top Ten Outstanding (Office Space) Designers in Fujian in 2016.
Top Ten Emerging Designers of the Year 2016.
Top Ten Elite Representatives of Fujian Creative Design and Creativity Association in 2016.
Awarded the Most Influential Designer at the Second China Architectural Decoration Design Art Exhibition (Design Award) in 2015.
2014 China Architectural Decoration Association · Outstanding Designer of the Year.
2014 China Architectural Decoration Association · Outstanding Designer of the Year.
Top 10 Outstanding (Real Estate, Office Space) Designers in Fuzhou in 2014.
Outstanding Interior Architect of Fujian Province in the 2005 Second Cross Strait Four Place Interior Design Competition.
2017 7th China International Space Design Competition (China Architectural Decoration Design Award) Office Space Excellence Award.
Excellent Award in Commercial/Financial Space.
Public Media Attention Award at the 2016 Fujian Provincial Architectural Interior Design Grand Prix.
Public Space Award in the 2016 Fujian Province "Star Smart Decoration Cup" Interior Design Competition.
Best Special Design (Office Space) in 2014- China Architectural Design Association.
2006 Fujian Provincial Interior and Environmental Design Grand Prix (Public Construction Plan Category) Tiannuo Cup Second Prize.
Bronze Award at the 5th China Interior Design Biennale in 2004.
First Prize in Public Architecture Decoration Design at the 2nd Fujian Provincial Interior Design Grand Prix in 2004.
Third Prize in Public Building Decoration Design at the First Fujian Interior Design Grand Prix in 2003.
Second Prize in Home Decoration Design at the First Fujian Interior Design Grand Prix in 2003.