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Project location: opposite to Changsha IFS ;Design period: September 2021 to February 2022;Completion time: June, 2022;Main materials: marble, terrazzo, wood veneer, electroplating brick, customized brick, stone plastic plate, stainless steel, mirror plate, punch plate, baking paint, gradient glass, etc.;Area: 4,000 ㎡

Designer: Liu Xincheng, Yang Shanling

Liu Xincheng and Yang Shanling graduated from the Architectural Environment Art Design Department of Xi 'an Academy of Fine Arts, where they were good design partners. Liu Xincheng is good at space utilization and technology, and Yang Shanling is good at scheme inspiration and aesthetics. What is rare is that their design concepts are consistent and complementary. They have been working in design since graduation. In 2015, they started their first business together, and in 2021, they set up 13DESIGN for the second time. They focus on innovative ways of expression, allowing function to collide with aesthetics, driving the value and energy of space, enabling space to empower experience.