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Shenyang Hunnan District Kindergarten integrated garden
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Space is committed to creating an interactive space for children's safety, delicacy and entertainment, so that the space can communicate and interact with children's nature.
In order to reflect the characteristics of space, strict control is also made on the proportion of the overall space allocation, so as to release more space to participate in the main body of interactivity. Every detail in the space can also stimulate children's curiosity. Children will find their favorite areas in the space. Whether they are hiding to enjoy their own small space or running with their friends, they can find their own happy ways. In addition to meeting the children's nature, it also skillfully integrates the functional rooms in the park into the whole space.
Color and form more soft way to deal with, can make a good space and children's psychology quickly closer, no sense of estrangement。

Designer: Xiaodong Wang

He graduated from Northeastern University in 2005
Award winning items:
In 2004, he won the Bronze Award of Architectural Concept Design
In 2005, he won the gold medal of best Building Implementation Program of China Environmental Arts Academic Year Award
In 2008, he won the National Z-J0930131 of Shenyang Civil Air Defense Office
In 2008, he won the 2010 Liaoning Provincial Construction Engineering Decoration Award for the installation inside and outside the Shenyang Inspection and Quarantine Office Building
In 2009, he was awarded the Outstanding Young Designer of Liaoning Province
In 2010, he was awarded as a Young and Middle-aged Outstanding Designer in Liaoning Province
In 2011, he was awarded the national Young and middle-aged Outstanding Designer
In 2014, he won the Art Award for Outstanding Works
In 2014, he was awarded CIID China Outstanding Young Designer
In 2018, he won the Gold Award for Best Apartment Space
In 2018, he won the Bronze Award for Best Villa Space
In 2019, he won the Aiding Award for public Building Space category
In 2019, he won the Aiding Award in the Office Space category
Main cases: brief introduction:
Beijing CICC Database Architectural Design
Hilton Hotel and 5A Office Building in Indonesia
Architectural design of the VARIAN plant area
Interior design of Shenyang 204 Civil Air Defense Command Center
Northeastern University Basketball Hall Interior Design
Interior Design of the Central Control Center of Fushun No.2 Petroleum Plant
Interior design of High Law Civil Litigation Hall of Liaoning Province
Interior design of Tsinghua Tongfang model room
Interior design of Northeast Branch of China Power Investment Corporation
Interior Design of Shenyang Olympic Sports Center
Shenyang 202 Complex Building Interior Design
Shenyang Army General Academy complex building design
Washington Xintiandi, C group model room, apartment, 5A office building, SHOH interior design
Interior design of Shenyang Riverside Garden private Club
Interior design of Shenyang Sujiatun Central Hospital
Shenyang Baojun real estate private club interior design
Shenyang T3 Terminal interior deepening design
Shenyang Count original building club interior design
Northeastern University International Exchange Center Hotel Interior Design
Interior design of Wanhao Huafu model room in Nantong, Jiangsu province
Interior design of Shenyang fourth courtyard complex building
Interior Design of Shenyang Red Cross Hospital
Architectural exterior design of Shenyang Children's Hospital
Interior Design of Shenyang Industrial Bank
Shenyang Bank of Communications Interior Design
Interior design of Shenyang Zhoushan Fishing Port Hotel
Interior design of Anshan Iron and Steel wire Factory
Interior Design of command and control Center of Fushun Petrochemical Plant
Shenyang Northeast Building Hotel Interior Design
Shenyang Wangli real estate model room interior design
Interior Design of Shenyang Hongyang Energy Office Building
Interior Design
Interior design of Shenyang SK Passenger Station
Interior design of Liaoning Electric Power Command and Control Center
Interior Design of Shenyang 463 Hospital
Interior design of Dandong Poly Jinjiang model room
Shenyang YabBentley Garden model room and public area interior design
Interior Design of the New Campus of Northeastern University
Interior Design of Shenyang Agricultural University Library
Interior Design of Shenyang
Interior Design of Yilin Hotel in Shenyang
Interior design of sample room and public area of Shenyang
Panjin Shengjing Hospital Interior Design

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YSAN DESIGN founding partner, member of Asia Pacific Hotel Design class, specializing in architectural space design and lighting soft decoration, focusing on hotel design for 8 years.

Designer: YONG WEN ZHU

YSAN DESIGN founding partner, specializing in architectural space design and lighting materials research, focusing on hotel design for 6 years.

Atour S Hotel, Lujiazui Expo Center, Shanghai
Designer / Agency
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The project is located in the urban renewal area of the Pudong World Expo, adjacent to the Huangpu River.It is located at No.333, Shibo Village Road, and is naturally located in the Huangpu River. At the initial dawn, everything is revived and heaven and earth are quiet. MDA.SH translates this rare emotional experience into the presentation of spatial light and shadow, and brings it into the indoor space.
MDA.SH is based on the Adot product philosophy of " Humanities. warm. Interesting "rethink, to experience in the local urban renewal area, return to the original intention of nature, with" origin " explore space division, origin (sequence hall), bamboo house (lobby bar), plan (cafeteria), common (conference room), sweat room, sweat out (gym), dust (laundry) and dormitory (guest room); each space in a different way, advocate people more warm connection.

Concise decorates the beauty

When entering the origin (preface hall), let people return to the spiritual origin of the static and gentle.MDA.SH expresses the natural tranquility will be through micro cement, mirror metal, black and white root stone as the base, through the uncarved stone, natural texture of wood, decorative moss and metal fusion as the lining scene, combined with holographic projection for surround landscape, foil the light and shadow around the trees, the sense of eternal tranquility arises spontaneously.

Land creation and habitat in water

Preface hall through vertical traffic, arrived at the air lobby; greeted is a huge shallow water, quietly standing in the lobby C, water color wave, wash long, forming a natural plain, natural overall atmosphere, from shape to meaning, let the natural elements and indoor space integration together, established a strong symbiotic relationship.Huge bamboo elements of art hanging on the water feature, set each other off with the water surface, expanding the pattern and bearing of the space.

Space with dark quiet tone can let a person immersed, feel the designer mood swings, on the design of the air lobby to do more to virtual with real environment, affection, deep beauty, comfortable shade is more low and elegant, easy to let a person mind calm, thinking serene, have a sense of security and relaxation.
To shape the light design is given priority to with low lighting, create overall comfortable natural lighting atmosphere, the artwork, logo, desktop key lighting, form the visual focus, follow the principle of "less is more", through artificial light and natural light on micro cement, wood, stone, stone, bamboo, water and other natural material light a collision, make indoor color tone unity, plain and natural.

Agency: MDA.SH

MDA.SH is committed to intervening in the space with design language, putting forward the aesthetic expectation of "still simple and pure", and using the most simple and simple techniques to present the natural landscape or life state in the indoor space

Designer: Chen Tao

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Jamie ring chair
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Jiami ring chair, the integrated chair body is the feature of this product. In response to the diversified use scenarios of the product, such as the dining room and the rest area, the product design follows the linear composition art. From the back ring stiffener to the shovel shaped ring stiffener on the seat surface, it effectively plays a decisive role in the deformation resistance of the plastic product after the integrated molding. The deformation resistance of the stiffener effectively enhances the structural strength of the product, From the starting point of each line, you can be deeply introduced into a curved world composed of lines. There are ten colors in the color matching of the product. Each color is selected from Nellan Olive Green in combination with 2022 British fashion popular colors. After each color matching produces the finished product, it has won a good reputation in the customer market. It has effectively positioned the young customer group for the manufacturer. After designing and positioning the customer group, it focuses on R&D, production efficiency and structural adjustment, Effectively improve the production efficiency, optimize the structure of the mold extraction pin, adjust the material weight according to the cost plan proposed by the customer, and then ensure the structural strength. The wall greatly optimizes the cost. The finished product is a plastic integrated molding process, and the back of the basket is a post injection integrated molding hook. The finished product has more customer groups to choose from for indoor and outdoor hole applications, with a smooth sense of lines, The integrated linear structure makes this product stand out from many other products of the same price and market.

Agency: Demi Industrial Design Co., Ltd

Demi Industrial Design Co., Ltd. (basic) is a professional brand design organization engaged in brand vision, commercial design, creative product R&D and design. It is a team composed of a group of young cutting-edge designers and fashion illustrators. We are keen to discover the true brand value from the details of life, focusing on the brand in different application environments The overall visual communication, communication and experience are good at providing customers with effective and innovative brand solutions by means of simple, clear and conceptual design, and ultimately helping customers achieve their expected cultural aspirations and business goals.
Starting from the deep combination of the brand building system to establish the image with the online stores and the customer's lifestyle, we achieve the artistic, practical and life oriented brand building, so as to create the terminal experience of the brand's fashion lifestyle and precipitate the registration of the brand's personality culture base.
Business scope: product design/LOGO/packaging design/product designer Booklet/printing process/enterprise manual | poster design | leaflet | Taobao repair | color page design | furniture design | exhibition board design | short video shooting

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Power Adapter
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This is an innovative PD power adapter in the industry. It is equipped with three different interfaces, supports general fast charging protocols such as PD, PPS, and QC, and is compatible with fast charging of various devices (computer, mobile phone or tablet). And for different power, different colors are cleverly designed, such as white is for 65w, orange is for 100w, black is for 140w, which is convenient and clear for the user to choose. In addition, its charging head can be folded up for easy storage.
GaN Charging Technology Effectively Improves Charging Speed. The use of GaN charging technology not only effectively improves the charging speed, realizing extremely fast charging, and reducing the waiting time of the user, but also makes it more compact and portable when going out.
Internal & External Heat Dissipation Technology to Ensure Safety & Stability. By using the internal & external heat dissipation technology (cold-sensing twill technology + composite thermal insulation material), the charging is stable, and it can dissipate heat independently, realizing quick charging but at a low temperature, so as to ensure the safety during use.
Environmentally Friendly Materials Contribute to Sustainable Development. The main materials used for its shell are PC+VO, environmentally friendly, with good chemical resistance and fire-resistant, which are non-toxic, odorless, recyclable, meeting the environmental protection requirements.
Minimalist Appearance with A Sense of Technology. Its appearance adopts the Braun's design concept, which perfectly combines simplified geometric elements and functions - matte and bright surfaces, point-hole design on the matte surface, equipped with the strip-shaped indicator light with a sense of technology on the bright surface, minimalist but not simple, which conforms to the design requirements of modern aesthetics.

Agency:Guangdong sengoog Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong sengoog Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise focusing on the R&D and production of high-end power supplies, a power supply solution provider, and its products cover household power supplies, industrial power supplies, and new energy vehicle power supplies. It aims to use simple design and internal performance, and is committed to manufacturing high-temperature power products with technology and strength.

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ASUS Super Lab
Designer / Agency
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ASUS has always adhered to the brand belief of "firm as a rock" and continues to innovate to create unique digital life experiences for users. In this background, we designed the flagship store for ASUS, using the stone as the main element to respond to the brand's strong beliefs.
In the customer experience area, we wanted to create a comfortable space with product thinking to bring a better experience to our customers.
In the product sales area, we designed a "space-time prism" with a semi-loop track as the product display, overturning the traditional retail store display rules and giving users a new visual experience, conveying ASUS' vision of the future.
In the product experience area, we break the inherent perception of desktop usage scenarios and fit the theme of“firm as a rock”to bring users a future space immersion experience and deep communication with the product.
In the product accessory area, we have designed a three-sided surround experience table, so that visitors can have a shocking experience no matter where they go. Users can feel both the strong core energy of the brand and the hard-core details of the product craftsmanship.
In this project, we are constantly thinking about the possibilities of the future retail space for commercial notebooks. Based on insight and analysis of cutting-edge trends, brand analysis and consumer research, we conceive a new situation of future retail space.

Agency: inDare Design Strategy Limited

inDare (Gewai Design) was founded in 2015, located in Shenzhen. It was co-founded by a team of senior talents from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shenzhen and Shanghai. At present, the company has more than 150 talents from home and abroad, and we are committed to providing brand performance full-service projects for clients.
Our four core businesses include brand innovation, product innovation, space innovation and visual innovation. Until now, we have successfully won 270+ domestic and international design awards, including Red Dot Best of the Best, iF Gold Award, IDEA Bronze Award, G-MARK, Pentawards Gold Award, Muse Design Platinum Award, etc. We have become the team that has won the most design awards in the shortest time in China. inDare helps Fortune 500 and new consumer brands to discover strategic visions first, quickly capture the minds of young consumers and improve brand influence comprehensively.

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Rsun The Lakefront
Designer / Agency
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Rsun The Lakefront is a private villa being surrounded by mountains and water, which is created a poetic living space away from the crowd based on local conditions. The design team, starting from mountain scenery, shadow and humanistic, is committed to giving back to the residents a sense of ritual for life, discovering the poetry of new urbanism in modernism, and creating a dialogue between shadow and the four seasons.
Light grey (wall) and burlywood (cabinet) as main tone, visually embellished with black and white generated by shadow, bring a hierarchical change on the interface of the entire space. Followed by the most authentic and pure quality, a lot of blank space is created without a profusion of ornament, making it easy for residents to make later adjustments according to their own preferences.
The dining room is the core node in the fixed line of residents, and the main axis for communicating project space and external space. Thus, the design team endows the family life mode with traditional dining room as the core with diversified styles through the interconnection of circular lines, making the entire space richer and have more possibilities, and meeting residents’ needs for pleasure and free exploration of home space.
The largest space is the hallway that includes a series of functions such as reception, working, storage and study, enhancing the sense of transparency of the entire space, while the study room is open to the outside with a subtle and natural design mechanism, giving a unique context and soul to the private home space, so that residents can experience the intermingling of space and people when reading.
With the concept of “less is more”, the design team returns purity and elegance to the bedroom space through a design without main lights and additional ornaments.
The basement with huge glass sliding door maximizes the open layout, creating a range of gathering spaces that can be opened and closed, with natural light and air flowing throughout the space for a transparent and independent natural space. The two-way staircase makes full use of the large space in the basement, making the entire basement less depressing and more atmospheric on the basis of widening residents’ scope of activity.
The boulder in the basement is the finishing touch to the entire space. The interconnection between nature and space is achieved by incorporating boulder that symbolizes nature into the space. This subtle, fully open space atmosphere provides a direct view of the living room space and breaks the limitations of space. And the design team reserves an empty glass skylight above the boulders to bring sunlight and starlight into the room. Residents can clearly feel the infinite tension of life coming from the vertical direction, enhancing the lighting and fun of space.
The multifunctional chess room is a transition space between the living room and the landscape area. The design team set up a curved floor-to-ceiling glass, which naturally formed a semi-partitioned buffer scene, with the view extending outward with the glass for a natural beauty full of vitality.

Agency: Wuxi House Aesthetics Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd

House Aesthetics has been exploring for the sublime spacial structure design since its establishment. Multiple design elements, like the space layout, structure, light, color and material, are made good use of to channel different information, together with the unique aesthetic to accurately delineate each functional area. In this way, House Aesthetics creates a deep emotional connection between the living space and occupants, and redefines what makes a home. With ongoing efforts, House Aesthetics is able to turn every property into a true "home".

Best of Real estate and sales 

Century Shantou Century Court marketing center
Designer / Agency
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Located in Shantou, Guangdong Province, China, the new century Shantou Century Court marketing centre is a red brick-inspired, large built-in building inspired by the Kolumba Museum of Art. When we wander, we are in a hurry or in a slow motion; we want to break away from tradition and convention, while preserving the traces of ancient architecture, creating an interesting space that connects the past, the present and the future.


π represents infinite design inspiration and boundless space field.
π Squared Design takes space as the center and design as radius, emphasizes the space dimension of architecture and expands the intangible connotation of tangible space.
π Squared Design is committed to providing customized and high-quality creative and design services for high-end real estate developers and elites in China. Its business types cover top commercial real estate sales offices and model houses, hotels and resorts, high-end clubs, super high-rise office buildings, etc.

Best of Model space 

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Agency :LSD Interior Design

Founded in 2007 by Mr. Kot, a famous Chinese interior designer, Ctrl+Alt+Del Group is headquartered in Shenzhen and has a branch in Shanghai.It has different business sectors such as real estate, business office, hotel apartment and private residence, providing interior designs and top-level customized services. Since its establishment for more than ten years, Ctrl+Alt+Del has continuously created classic design works, led high-end residential aesthetics, promoted style iterations, won a wide range of design awards at home and abroad, and became a benchmark enterprise of interior design in Chinoa. Based on the design heritage of dozens of years, the group has independently developed and designed three household product brands, i.e. Ctrl+Alt+Del, and REX, to meet the needs of different styles and different people and build a global brand household supply chain.
LSD Interior Design is a part of Ctrl+Alt+Del Group. It was founded in 2007 by Mr. Kot, a well-known Chinese interior designer. It is headquartered in Shenzhen and has a branch in Shanghai. It provides interior design and high-end customized services for domestic and foreign developers and private customers for hotels, large-scale commercial spaces, clubs, villas, demonstration units, etc. Since its establishment for over ten years, it has been creating classic design works, continuing to lead the high-end residential aesthetics, and promoting style iterations. It won design awards at home and abroad, and has become a benchmark enterprise of interior design in China.

BSP20 House
Designer / Agency
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This complex project began 8 years ago, going through all kinds of situations: squats, regulatory disagreements, changes in use, slow and complicated work...although the client's desire to leave the walls with exposed brick and using hydraulic mosaic (the cliché of Barcelona) remained unalterable. In addition, the requirements were to convert this small building located in the Borne district of Barcelona, ​​​​from the end of the 19th century and with 4 floors (but barely 20sqm per floor), into a place where to be able to work and spend short stays in their visits to Barcelona, ​​​​although, along these 8 years, the personal and family situation of the client has changed, to which the project has adapted.
The original situation of the property was in ruins, with very damaged floor slabs, weak stairs, parts of them demolished . Added to this was the need to adapt the building to current regulations, which made it practically impossible from the start to reuse the interior, proceeding to completely demolish the building, maintaining only the facades and dividing walls, and the roof slab (not the stair tower, which was rebuilt).

The construction process, slow and complex, at least allowed decisions to be made as the essence of the estate was revealed with the demolitions. Thus, once all the floors slabs had been demolished and the building was seen as a slender and tall prism formed by walls with a completely heterogeneous composition of all kinds of bricks and stones arranged without apparent order or composition, the idea of ​​leaving all these walls exposed became conceptual: these four walls, over 15m high, are a museum of the building's history, where any trace of its construction (arches, lintels, stairs and beams), and of its use (mortar remains , furnishings, claddings..) will be left unaltered, exposed in all its crudeness. The new floors (3 in total) will be supported by new beams between the dividing walls, which will not touch either of the two facades: towards the main facade, a sheet of glass will separate them from it; and towards the interior façade, the stairwell will be a 4-story void that unites the entire interior and shows the surprising height of such a slender building. Thus, the project is defined, remaining to define the uses of each floor and resolve the technical issues.
Access-kitchen-dining room, living room, bathroom-dressing room, bedroom and terrace form, from bottom to top, the sequence of use. In any case, with the exception of kitchen furniture and bathroom equipment, nothing else occupies the floors, so that their uses can be reversed over time or need, as well as turning the floors into working spaces.

The presence of the installations, by ruling out grooves in the walls or small wells from the beginning, take on a special and relevant role inside: 7 stainless steel cylinders run the entire height of the building, conducting all the electrical, ventilation, plumbing, extraction, sanitation, air conditioning and telecommunications installations inside 6 of the cylinders, leaving one of them empty for future needs. These cylinders are not hidden and run through the building through furniture and floors. The rest of the installations are always visible, never built-in, highlighting the roughness of the masonry walls on which they are located, freeing them from new servitudes.
In terms of materiality, a certain refinement has been pursued in the new elements to be implemented, in opposition to the crude expressiveness of the existing walls, conscious that the space must house a home. Thus, the kitchen is a frosted brass piece of furniture, shiny and with reflections, with a white marble top; the bathroom equipment is paneled with lacquered wood in a slightly cream color, with black and brass details; the 'headboards' of the floors are covered in white microcement; the hydraulic mosaic, microcement and oak floors add warmth and color to the interior; and the lacquered wood ceilings incorporate registers and grids to 'design' these needs.
The structure is all painted white, in search of a certain material abstraction, especially in the development of the spiral staircase, which is developed as a free-standing cylinder that runs the entire height of the building without touching its walls at any time, offering Piranesian views helped by the heterogeneity of the walls and the diversity of points of view.
On the contrary, all the details on the existing walls are direct and raw: the window frames are made with direct mortar, the pre-frames are not concealed, and the structural elements of ties are left unpolished.
Above, on top of the stairwell, a skylight introduces a beautiful gradation of light until the lowest strata; towards the façade, the glass sheets bounce the lighting between floors and introduce ever-changing reflections, allowing the façade to be admired at its full height from the inside, just as it happens in the void of the staircase.
The main façade was rehabilitated following the strict dictates of the heritage department, returning it to an image of the past that it surely never had. Only at the entrance door were we free to invent a front that reproduces the three-dimensional design of the classic hydraulic mosaic (used on the ground floor and much loved by the client) with an exploded view of rhombuses and triangles finished with 3 types of aluminum, which conceals the door (only recognizable by the lock) and abstracts the entrance.

Designer: Raúl Sánchez

Raúl Sánchez graduated architect from the architecture school in Granada, Spain. Since 2005 resides and works in Barcelona developing a professional activity which escapes specialization in order to cover all types of work and projects related to architecture, interiorism and design.
He is professor in ‘private perimeters’, a postgraduate diploma in interior design in Elisava School of Design, Barcelona.
The work of the office has numerous awards and is published worlwide in printed and online media.
Our approach to architecture and design is based on the encounter of humanism+technique: the former relies on the world of ideas, on the conceptual and cultural focus, while the latter brings the constructive coherence, the grammar, into the equation.
We don’t work with methods, we use no preconceived formulas, we just work with the space, and the space is the conjunction of material, construction, structure, light, color, texture… and thus, each new project is a new challenge