2020 Top Designer Kewei Wang

The Heart Returns to the East


To lead the mountains and rivers in the chest as the heart, and to run after them for self-reflection.
Dwelling in the realm of the earth's mountains and rivers as a resting place for the busy world.
Inheriting the wildness of tradition and the finesse of modern technology. Bringing the landscape breeze into the courtyard. Integrating the ancient Chinese sentiment into life. The project aims to reshape people's understanding of the Zen East through design. Defined to embody the spiritual conception of human Zen unity. To create a place for the modern man's soul to rest.、
Eastern origin, cultural heritage Step into a reception hall. In front of us is a picture of the Red Cliff where the river is raging and a boat is sailing on it. As the eye follows the direction of the boat to the right. The eastward flow of the great river, the gentle water lines and mountains are visible to the eye.
The four Chinese pillars on either side of the picture of the red cliff, with the sky and the earth at the top. Adopting traditional Chinese carved beams and mortise and tenon structures. It creates an imposing and classic Chinese architecture. Four candlesticks darkly set against it, making the mood in the mind and the heart move. The realm of life doesn't care about height. And in a moment of leisure, I ponder the thousand turns of the past. Whispering and murmuring, fading into the ordinary.
Searching for simplicity, coziness and ease Step into the two-entry marketing center with wide windows on three sides.
Sitting indoors, you can enjoy the morning sun and the stars at night, and you can see the whole world before you.
The ceiling is based on the arches of a dou qi.
Inheriting a thousand years of architectural ritual, magnificent into momentum.
It also gives the space a graceful and dignified look.
Stretching but not overt, simple but energetic.

Kewei Wang

By adhering to local culture and global perspectives, we are able to connect with each other. To draw inspiration from a different perspective, to collect beautiful emotions, to focus on the thoughts and emotions conveyed by objects, the form of space, as well as details and principles.
Design logic is accomplished from a multi-dimensional perspective of time and space, and the emotional experience of space is expressed through light, color, texture, spatial dynamics, aesthetics, detailing, and a delicate design vocabulary.

Best of Home Residence

Greenbelt · Harper· 301


The material, configuration, line, color matching, body proportion and structure of each space in this case have been carefully studied and screened. In the design, we began to look for a new aura and atmosphere, which can be a kind of Zen of life or a kind of natural aesthetics. Brush off the noise and noise, return to the simple state of mind, mountain scenery quietly into the residential space. The stable and introverted color of the window frame outlines the space lines. It deliberately matches with the slightly warm wood materials to soften the masculine and cool colors, and creates a warm and warm atmosphere at home. It goes up to the private sector and continues the wooden calling color full of Oriental Zen in public space, rendering the elegant artistic conception of book fragrance and light ink marks.

Designer: Yuan Haigen

Design Idea: Design comes from life, design embodies human nature, considers people's feelings, people's feelings of color, sound, smell
Graduated school:Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology.

Bachelor degree.Environmental Art Design
Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts Environmental Art Design

Work experience:
Since June 2013, he has worked in the decoration design Nanchang branch of Shenzhen Kang Zhi Ju, one of the design directors.
In April 2013, he worked for -5 Yi Cheng(ECS) International Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd. as director of design.
From December 2009 to April 2013, he took up the post of Chief Designer of Hong Kong Gawain Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
2018 he won the award of "the top ten outstanding designers of the year"
2017 was the source of IFI design. World view "the top ten design figures of the year"
2017 awarded the "top ten villa" award for the International Space Design
Competition ecological Award
2017 International Asia Pacific award Invitational "award" award
2016 International Asia Pacific award Invitational "award" award
2016 was "nest Award" finalist award Jiangxi Province in 2015 to obtain "Top Ten
title villa" award
2015 Won the "AET prize" award of the International Space Design Award
2015 was "Ait" Award Jiangxi Province in 2015 to obtain "Top Ten title villa" award

Best of Exhibition Space

Maker Experience Center


The project is located in Donghu Digital Town, the first digital industrial town in China. This digital town is not only a member of Fuzhou new area big data innovation and entrepreneurship industry alliance, but also a partner of the first digital China Construction Summit. As a demonstration point of national entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base, we are here to create a smart and high-value experience space for young entrepreneurs.
In the context of big data, artificial intelligence and globalization, the development of new technologies has brought challenges to young entrepreneurs and created infinite possibilities. The orientation of the project is to be young, scientific and intelligent, and to plan and design a maker experience center integrating experience, technology exhibition and leisure experience. This new experience mode can make people get rid of the shackles of time and space.

Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd.

JUND Architects entered Chinese market in 1997 and was formally incorporated in Shanghai in 2005. The company officially renamed as Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd. in 2017. At present, JUND Architects has branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hefei and Fuzhou with architects from around the world, including Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. With teams of award-winning architects from all over the world, Large amount of design projects of JUND have been recognized with prestige awards, such as the WAF, AIA IR, Gold Nugget, Mipim Aisa, Creation Award of ASSC, Best Hotel Design Institution of China, etc.

Best of Commercial Space



The evaluation of the excellence of a design work should not only be limited to its ‘beauty’, but also include humanistic feelings, future prospects, and even criticism of contemporary aesthetics.
In the sample reel On Dreams-Refinement, a large number of steel structure (metal), jazz white (stone), mirrors, and anti-dazzling lights and other custom light sources are utilized, which is intended to express a collision between reality and illusion in which another spiritual hierarchy is melted.
The words "strength" and "art" are seldom mutually related. However, in this set of works, the skillful combination of strength and beauty not only maintains the substance of the gym, but also perfectly combines artistic expression, which endows customers with diverse points of view towards fitness industry.
In the present case, the design attitude of "following the trend" is adopted, which is carried out under the condition of preserving the property of the building and combining with special circumstances. The approach of ‘Dense willow trees and bright flowers’ with traditional Chinese characteristics is employed for space division. Under reasonable arrangement of surrounding layout and focusing lights, users can gain dreamlike sensory experience in the indoor environment where there was no lighting to start with.
The design itself can not truly change one's cultural essence or quality habits. However, it can guide the future trend.
Design is not the present, but the prospect.

Designer: Tim

In 2010, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts; under Professor Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts; in 2012, founded Wuhan Tianshi Workshop Art Design Co. , Ltd. ; founder of Tian Design Office, mainly engaged in interior design, interior and Exterior Wall Painting, arts and crafts display and other art-related work, committed to creating the Han art of the new cutting-edge school. Representative works are: Greenland Sislai Mansion, Wanda Gym, Greenland Central Plaza, Baihuijing Bar, m + Shopping Plaza, China Construction Bank —— Huazhong Information Resources Building, administration and Commercial Building of Guangfa Bank building (Wuhan) , flagship store of Xuanwei Wuhan, image store of Hehe Datang in central China, Office of Chairman of Golden Monkey Group and National Image store, overall planning and transformation of fashion industrial park of Catman Group, Guangzhou Fitness Club, etc

Best of Commercial Space

DS salon


Party A in this case is a group of post-90s young entrepreneurs, with a pure dream pursuit heart, only for their customers to bring a relaxed, pleasant, comfortable hairdressing experience. It is located on the edge of Guiyang City, is a service end customer hairdressing shop, the main customer group is about 30 years old young customers. With the ideal of Party A, I began a dream planning... The main core idea of this case is: transfer safety, freedom, comfort, which also compound my design values. At the door of the Roman samurai sculpture, is to hope that the customer into the "Ds salon" moment, the heart is safe, can enjoy the comfort and beauty brought by hairdressing. At the door of the plant, that is hope, hope "Ds salon" like a sapling, constantly experience the process of wind and rain, constantly grow, it also adds a lot of vitality to the entire peripheral environment. As soon as you enter the "Ds salon"", it is an aisle, an arcuate corner aisle, it is like an interesting" runway ", you do not know who you will meet at the corner, making the whole space mysterious and interesting. The "cool dog" sculpture at the corner of the aisle looks at you silently, as if waiting for you to go home, as if guarding everyone in the whole space, it is cold but loyal. Its appearance makes the security of the whole space sublimate again. The water drop chandelier above the cash register echoes the glass brick on the wall of the washing area, as if the rainy day is through the glass window, quietly listening to the sound of raindrops, making people very relaxed lying on the washing bed, Enjoy the quiet of rainy days and the comfort of shampoo. The arc-shaped ceiling above the attic, like a wave flowing to us, makes people want to embrace it with open arms... The whole space green interspersed, it is like a glass of ice water mint ", in the hot summer or when the mood is not beautiful, I hope to bring you a little cool... A tiny space in the last 40 m², with nine haircutting places, five washing beds, three ironing places, customer sitting area, cash register, water bar, storage cabinet, designer tool cabinet, product cabinet, towel cabinet, storage room, toilet, cleaning room...

Designer: Tian Xi

Tian Xi, a post-90s designer, transformed the design industry from a carpenter before 2011, Nine years of continuous accumulation, always adhere to the creation of "good" space, with a different understanding of housing and business, reinterpret the space experience in a modern way. Housing: the combination of order to create a home "good space "—— suitable for the owner of the space, suitable for the housing itself space. Business: build "good space" in the form of construction —— give customers the best sense of experience, so that Party A continues to profit. Founded in 2020," Fanli Space Design Studio ", with "create a more warm aesthetic space" design ideal, dedicated to architectural appearance, space design, soft customization, art customization and commercial design and other fields. Has won: International Space Design Award "Innovation Award ", search for space wizard" Design Gold Award "and so on Design concept: give space security, freedom, comfort, and life aesthetic and sublimation! About the designer: has the sound mind quality, according to the Tao, achieves the goal, simultaneously has the happy freedom and even the complete consciousness life.

Best of Office Space

Creation and thinking Light – Hengli Suzhou Center Global Operations Headquarters


In modern cities, there are many high-rise buildings, and reinforced concrete has created people's rigorous and orderly office scenes. How to make people release their bodies and minds and maintain vitality in fast-paced and high-speed work, so that the office space has both functional attributes and comfortable experience. The starting point for the design of this case. The designer Mr. Gamma thinks that: light is the best stimulant, which can regulate people's emotions, invigorate the spirit, improve the taste of life and work efficiency, and improve various physiological functions of the human body.
Designer Gamma applied the concept of man-made "sun", cosmic energy, and infinite light to the creative thinking of this case. At the same time, it symbolizes that Hengli Group, a Fortune 500 company, is advancing with the times, developing vigorously and full of vitality. Pursuing ecological, environmentally friendly, simple, modern, and comfortable design concepts, the relationship between points, lines and surfaces adopts the design techniques of interior architecture, which is relaxed and strong. Reject luxury and complexity, and create a natural, harmonious and upward space atmosphere.
The design of Hengli Suzhou Center Global Operations Headquarters not only has a strong sense of modernity, but also emphasizes the high-efficiency, professional and pragmatic characteristics of the enterprise with simple design techniques.
The road is simple, simple and extraordinary. The elevator room is made of marble, fish maw white stone board, and stainless steel imitation copper board. The simple material is simple and full of artistic texture. In the open space design, it is placed on the cutting-edge trend of contemporary design. The ground and the roof form a mirror effect that reflects each other. Fashionable linear light strips and facade lines cut the space in an orderly manner, constructing an infinite extension of space vision.
/Reception area
The overall appearance of the reception area at the front desk is open and intuitive, empty and clear, reflecting the elegant, restrained, calm and atmospheric oriental charm. The artistic grid shape is used as a partition to sort out the relationship between the building form and space in an orderly and flexible manner, so that the function and temperament of the space are integrated.
The space is left blank, the designer uses the poetic spirit of the Eastern style, elegant and lofty, presenting a concise and elegant contemporary aesthetic texture, creating a harmonious and comfortable humanistic experience in the space. The circle represents infinity, and the large dome light strip makes the space more bright and transparent. The shape of the wood and the texture of the stone correspond to each other, condensing the expression of nature by the oriental elements, in simplicity without losing dignity.
/Chinese restaurant
The concise and beautiful colors convey the elegant and elegant temperament. Large floor-to-ceiling windows make the entire space more transparent, integrating lighting, ventilation and physical comfort.
/Office of the Chairman
/General Manager's Office
The wide field of vision in the space design triggers infinite reveries and reflections, and the sunlight and scene outside the window are fully visible, creating a rich and spacious atmosphere. There are hills in the chest, where lofty and strength are gathered, time is waiting, and more calm. The simple artistry of the space is a design temperament pursued by the designer. The simple Chinese office furniture and oriental elements present a solemn and high-end texture and a calm and introverted oriental temperament.
Tea room
The tea room creates a simple, quiet and elegant, natural and simple conversation and communication scene. The space here is a kind of abstract concreteness, a kind of feeling, a kind of mood, a silent meeting between the literati's interest and the realistic demands.
Rooftop reception hall
The reception hall space still continues the basic humanistic color and quiet and elegant temperament, adopting concise lines and simple and elegant materials, showing a low-key gorgeousness. The landscape paintings on the walls have unique meaning, removing the complexity and noise, and flowing but quiet and beautiful. The concise artistic partition enriches the sense of hierarchy in the space and emphasizes the communication, penetration and integration of the internal and external environments. People can relax and chat, share wine and delicacies here.

Beijing Shangshui decoration design Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd

BLDD Shangshui, Gamma design was founded in 2012. It advocates minimalism and light luxury, advocates and pursues the unity of plain and nature, is loyal to the cultural context of five thousand years of China, and constantly pursues. It creates a traditional model of elegance and creates a simple and comfortable life by integrating traditional and modern innovative international thinking. Professional services national high-end real estate luxury projects, star private owners, design projects include: luxury, villas, large private space, model room, sales office, catering clubs, headquarters office and hotels.

2020 Top Designer  Zhang Wei

Beijing Jiangong Land Office Building


The designer uses the concept of "LINK" to realize the organic spatial expression of different functional partitions of the office space from vertical to horizontal distribution. In the shared space between the first and second floors of the office building, the open stairwell is longitudinally linked by the continuous turning glass balustrade, which is connected to the wood-grain stone and marble wall that penetrates from the top to the bottom. They connect the first floor to the fourth floor and the fifth floor roof garden vertically. The permeability of the transparent railing increases the horizontal ductility with the surrounding space. At the same time, through the connection of the water system on the first and second floors, and the vertical hollowed-out background wall of the lobby reception desk, it adds flexibility to the blowing area.
On the second floor, the designer formed an organic functional link between the front desk and the reception waiting, water bar, coffee shop, restaurant and open office, negotiation room, mobile office and meeting room. The main colors formed by the combination of white, vibrant green and light wood colors create a modern, simple, fresh, and vital working environment. The entrance and exit of the coffee bar on the side of the open office area are made of cut cake rolls, combined with the main colors of the coffee bar interior designer inspired by the scenery of the rice fields in the suburbs of Bali, forming another visual highlight in the office space.
The design plan focuses on the energy saving and environmental protection of the building. First, make full use of natural lighting, clever use of glass partitions and various forms of ribbon glass, etc. to penetrate outdoor lighting into various indoor spaces. This breaks the dullness of the traditional partition wall, and emphasizes the intersection of the wall and the ground with the adjacent space and the sense of spatial extension.
Secondly, the use of high-efficiency LED linear and surface light sources combined with an intelligent lighting control system has achieved building energy conservation. At the same time, the designer used a large number of recyclable environmentally friendly decorative materials such as metal, glass and artificial wood in the project to create a modern office space that is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
The finishing touch of the project design is the design of the roof garden, which organically links the glass book bar, plank road, business and leisure corridor area and Baicao garden together with water system, allowing people to enjoy the fish and flowers while relaxing in this space. For the selection of vegetation in the Baicao Garden, the designer carefully designed it into an edible area and an ornamental area. The designer planted rosemary, thyme, basil, and edible mint that are edible in western food. Pleasing roses, lotuses, water lilies, buddha grass, etc. are planted in the viewing area, so that those who walk in can enjoy it, and it looks like a paradise.

Zhang Wei

Zhang Wei, born in 1971, from Beijing. Postgraduate and senior engineer at the University of Quebec, Xicutimi, Canada. He is currently the design director of Beijing Construction Engineering Decoration Group Co., Ltd. and a member expert of Beijing Decoration Association. Responsible for the company's interior decoration design and curtain wall design. In the early years, he presided over the design and participated in the construction of a number of engineering projects in Ukraine and Russia on behalf of the Chinese side, and was highly praised and recognized by foreign parties.
After 2000, he presided over the design of Beijing Metro Line 4, Line 7, Line 9 and Beiyan Station of Chongqing Metro Line 5, Urumqi Baita Airport, Angola Luanda Airport, Beijing Municipal Government Sub-center, National Convention Center Phase II , National Centre for the Performing Arts, Liaoning Provincial Industrial Exhibition Hall, Beijing Xihuan Plaza, Fujingyuan, Lushi Villa KING`SVILLA, French ESMOD Fashion School International Branch (Beijing), Starbucks Coffee Beijing Flagship Store, Lanhua International Building, etc. The projects were approved by Party A. He also won the "National Excellent Design Award for Architectural Engineering" and "Beijing Excellent Design Award for Architectural Decoration Engineering". In 2019, he won the honorary title of "China's Top Ten Home Decoration Designers" in the 9th China International Space Design Competition. Nearly 50 design projects have created a number of "national decoration classic" projects, and years of experience have become a leading figure in the interior decoration design industry with "the perfect combination of art and technology".

2020 Top Designer Zheng Jun

Deep Attachment


The theme of this project was inspired by the owner's love for pigeons. Due to the influence of childhood environment, the owner is shy and gradually learns to talk with flying pigeons. The free and pure flying pigeons hold the little secrets of childhood children. The owner specially hired artists to create paintings, all convey the feelings of the pigeon keeper. In this world, where human and animal life exist, there is peace and harmony.
The project is located in a factory dormitory in Tangshan , Hebei province. The designer breaks the original dull pattern, changes the inherent form, and constructs a smart and relaxing living environment space.
Free space
Everything starts for a reason. The original space is a standard workshop, industrial elements. An orderly layout of spaces running up and down stairs. The corridor is used to divide each small space layout, and the corridor has limited lighting. Multiple pipe installations are inserted at the top, with an average space.
The whole force is old and needs to use contemporary language to collide with new energy in the old space.
In-depth thinking, the designer starts from the space and the whole. The corridor is separated from the two sides. The smooth space is like the balance of flying pigeon wings. Space scroll interspersed dynamic, static. Emancipate the space, carry the scene, placed in the center, clever and transparent. Each space has a unique aura, which balances with the original building and releases new machines.
Song and rhyme, taste new. Early morning, the light turns into from porch, reflect at curl. The space grows naturally, at the same time carry on the induction. Inadvertently looked up for a moment, into the axis,
The vision is wide and the pupils are dilated. The space is open, and the main theme is the color and freedom of pigeon wings. Across the layers, the flying pigeon soars in the open, light and spreading its wings.
Kitchen and sitting room cent close orderly, each other is opposite, mutual set off. The lights of the night begin to come on, and instead of the bright breath of the day, there was more of a haze about the place. The blue outside the window is particularly moving, there is a scene, there is a feeling.
Most of the movement is on the first floor. Enter into the activity area, atmosphere a turn, flying pigeon startled, smart four. Floral chairs and views on the walls open up the exploration of nature. Colorful feathery textures move through it. The children jump and jump, fight for front and back. They look at the textbook in their elder sister's hand and ask with wide eyes.
Spiritual journey
In the comprehensive space, the movement is appropriate. The bedroom connects multiple leisure areas.
The clever unscramble means, make the space has rhythm feeling. Brew a pot of tea, sit in meditation.
Read the new world and walk with your heart. Sitting sculpture at the moment into a good friend, confide in the little secret. Go to the gap, lean on the bar and look, by the specific space to create a sense of ritual, wake up the heart, learn to be alone, learn to share. In the blink of an eye found flying pigeon lying on the plate, a warm heart. Alarmed by the pigeon and line, overlooking more life.
The bedroom is the space that slowly enjoys to enlarge affection infinite. Here, emotion trumps reason and the heart follows. Let go of the so-called emotions, you can throw yourself into the bathtub, listen to music and express yourself. Mother and child talk about today's story like friends, smile at each other. Warm a glass of milk, give encouragement, work hard for your dreams.
The night is cool as water, get into bed and close your eyes. Don't think too much, just a dream, looking forward to tomorrow's good news.
Life is never short of words, but experience never lies. Simplify symbols and labels, to every part of home, look for the first thought.

Zheng Jun

Growto design - design director (22 years)
Master of interior design, polytechnic university of milan, Italy
Deputy secretary general of the 4th special committee of the interior design branch of the Chinese architectural society
Social position
In 2013, "discovering the power of the future" by China national construction association, 50 outstanding young designers in China
"China's top 100 outstanding young designers", chair committee of innovation expo suzhou, China
(A136911SA111355) National registered senior interior architect (A136911SA111355)
(A044811SRD110446) National registered senior residential designer (A044811SRD110446)
Member of China architectural decoration and lighting designers union
The recent award
winner WINNER of AMP Award
Silver of London Design Award
TOP100 outstanding designers of the third jin teng award in 2019
Gold award nomination for residential design at the 8th nesting awards 2018 (Milan, Italy)
2017 China space design Pengding award top ten villa space
In 2017, CIID first Chengdu international household innovative design excellent works
Awarded as "40under40 outstanding youth of Chinese design" in 2016
In 2016, it was selected into China's new indoor power list (Sina home furnishing)

2020 Top Designer Yang



We did not invest in verbose expressions, nor were we lost in the details of light and shadow, but felt that there was an "essential" impression of seeking self-expression in front of us.
"Poem of Space"
The client of this case is a cultural and creative company specializing in gift customization and packaging design. According to its brand characteristics and space requirements, the designer used an architectural language to create such a composite space with office, display and display as its main functions. It is creative and attractive, as comfortable and warm as a home.
The visual interest and spatial complexity of the project are reminiscent of the form of a folded package. It seems to be more like an art gallery than a workplace. During the walk, openness and privacy, the known and the unknown, the concrete and the imagination are interactively integrated, and there is a subtle dialogue between people and space.
Mood and style
The design mainly uses lighting, materials and forms to improve this double-storey building. The original windows are renovated into floor-to-ceiling glass, and the space is opened as much as possible to take in more natural light, air and life.
At the entrance, Kaws violent bear doll ornaments open up the meditative mood of the space. The collision of simple lines and color block combination gives the foyer an immersive and tranquil atmosphere, which is both beyond imagination and ideal. Going indoors, white and wood colors become the main visual components. Eliminate the open space behind the stack, there is almost no closed physical partition between the global area and the area, and enough white space brings endless reverie. The interaction between explicit and implicit creates a pure sense of lightness and fullness under the minimalist internal personality. The dynamic lines are cleverly cut in the existing planning, and employees can pass, cross, and enter between the various working areas unimpeded, realizing the convenient and shared office needs.
Art and installation
The first floor is an important display area. When you turn to the entrance hall, you can see the weighty white display racks. Each of the plane grids forms a complete cube. The naked frame echoes the ceiling, wall, and pipe. The intentional juxtaposition inspires greater visibility of the space, and the unification of materials, colors, lighting and structure creates a harmonious and orderly spatial relationship.
The most eye-catching item in the project is the empty staircase connecting the upper and lower floors. In the past experience, most of the indoor stairs have dim lighting, which has become a difficult point in the design. But in this case, the designer gave it another extraordinary experience through a bold design concept. The point, line and surface, light and shadow, light and dark, are just right. The proportional relationship turns the originally heavy and obtrusive structural volume into an exquisite indoor composition art. Sunlight shining from the top skylight will warm the entire space, just like a deliberately created display device, bridging the gap between architecture and vision.
Space and experience
The basement floor is a concentrated office area, and the height of the floor is relatively short. The traditional office environment is too pale and rigid. Both the designer and the client hope that this place can break through the definition of work and life, and create a free, quiet and open state in the space atmosphere. Therefore, the entire interior tone continues the large amount of white on the first floor. Pure imagination is filled with wood color and delicate texture. The decoration is simple and concise, and soft elements such as green plants and decorative paintings are chosen to embellish it to enhance the sense of situation in the space.
As a dream habitat, the courtyard is an extension of this project. Using full floor glass, the permeability is very good, and the perfect integration of indoor and outdoor adds a lot of natural and quiet life to the office area, as well as fresh and interesting content. As time goes by, the four seasons change. In addition to recording the time and the upward growth, the plants also record the romantic dreams in the trivial work.


Xu Yang Design is a professional high-end interior design service agency, dedicated to interior design, environmental design, and soft decoration design. Based on the in-depth exploration of the value behind the space, our forward-looking design concept provides owners with a sustainable landing experience. Adhering to the principle of "tailor-made, individualized, unique", Xuyang Design has formed its own unique core competitiveness in many works, truly uniting technology and art, and creating perfect strength.
Xu Yang studied fine art since he was a child, and began to set foot in design in 1998, engaged in design work in Shenzhen, Nanjing, Jiangsu and other places. In 2014, he returned to Zhenjiang, Jiangsu to establish his own brand, Xuyang Interior Design Co., Ltd. Based on his profound cultural heritage and comprehensive artistic accomplishment in his design, he uses architectural thinking to give the space a unique visual system and aesthetic style, enhance the market competitiveness of commercial brands, and complete the remodeling and upgrading of consumer value. Brewing an art space and leading the design trend, he adheres to the design principle of "tailor-made, individualized, unique", and has won numerous domestic design competition awards. His works have been published and promoted by many professional media and magazines. And all the well-known Chinese interior design websites reprinted his design works.
Until 2018, he has received the honor of the award for 5 consecutive years.
Until 2018, he has received the honor of the award for 5 consecutive years.
"Tong Yue" won the 2014 Jintang Award "Annual Excellent Dining Space Design"
"Behind the Noise" won the 2014 Jintang Award "Excellent Residential Apartment Design of the Year"
"Jiangshan Chunxiao" won the 2015 Jintang Award "Annual Excellent Villa Space Design"
"HeYue Lecture Hall" won the 2016 Golden Hall Award "Annual Excellent Public Space Design"
"Song Yan" won the 2017 Jintang Award "Annual Excellent Leisure and Entertainment Space Design"
"Benjamin Moore" won the 2018 Golden Hall Award "Annual Outstanding Retail Space Design"
In 2019, he won the Top Ten Color Space Designer of the ICS International Color Design Conference of Guangzhou Design Week

2020 Top Designer Shiwen Wang

Chongqing Yongchuan Rose International Sales Center


Yongchuan with towering mountains and water billow, is more of its unique tea and bamboo culture.
Combined with the Oriental elements of contemporary design aesthetics, the design introduces the poetry of the bamboo shadow overlapping bridge into the interior of the building, giving birth to the representative works of Chinese modern life in the landscape.
The field of vision reach, the partition that reveals an ancient color is like window lattice and is the wonderful combination of bright beautiful glass exterior wall that appears much clean to see, showing the new Chinese style that has contemporary characteristic alone between half conceal half mask.
The proper metal texture, so that the mortise-and-mortise-based ancient beams and columns in modern architecture radiant. Combining window lattice construction will render a kind of calm inside collect atmosphere, or matching with the red chandelier with changeable shape and uniform style big red lanterns hang high among them which neutralizes the seriousness in the color of space — will arouse vitality and vigor without being abrupt.
The traditional Chinese architectural elements are revealed invisibly in the area. The ancient color that the Hui style is gray and edged and the champagne gold is dark and shining, is inclusive and modern, and the unique texture and style are deduced. The signing area reflects another world with elegant and glorious medium metal, and highlights the modern aesthetic feeling in the nature of Chinese style integration of heaven and human..
In the space, screens, lamps and lanterns, green plants, ornaments are all exquisitely crafted. The designer carefully considers every place, blends modern art with traditional heritage, improves the design atmosphere from details, and highlights the elegant boutique style.

Shiwen Wang

Simone founded WENHUA DESIGN & CONSULTING FIRM in 2016. adhering to the design and rational coupling, aesthetics and comfortable symbiotic design philosophy, deeply rooted in the design fields of hotels, real estate, clubs and so on. She is good at combining fashion elements, product materials, cultural exploration and understanding of space, so as to transform customer needs into the most ideal design scheme.
The awards include Hurun report The post-80s respected chinese desgner, the Award 2019
2018-2019 The Outstanding Young Designer of interior design in China , the Gold Medal of display Art in international Environmental Art Creative Design Competition, the sino-french International Design Exchange Exhibition and the GRAND PRIX DESIGN PARIS 2018 PROFESSIONAL DESIGN AWARD for Soft Design Creative Award .etc.