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Symbiotic World – 2022 Jinan International Biennale
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The 2022 Jinan International Biennale was held at Shandong Art Museum and Jinan Art Museum, with the theme of "Symbiotic World". This curatorial concept focuses on exploring the ideological values across nationalities, regions, and cultures contained in the profound historical and cultural inheritance of Qilu, and constructing six sections of region and world, reality and virtual, contemporary and traditional, man and nature, color and homologous, science and technology and art through the re-understanding and reinterpretation of multi-dimensional art forms. Ruguan also hopes to create a vivid and colorful "symbiotic world" through the design of the entire exhibition space.

Deconstruction and Symbiosis

In design conception, element deconstruction and reorganization are extremely complex processes. While following a certain rule interval, it is also necessary to decompose the material and break the rules and limitations between them and recombine. The so-called "symbiotic world" refers to the connection of multiple dimensions, such as interconnection, interdependence, mutual learning, and mutual integration. Ruguan company disassembles, distorts, and deforms the font of the theme to make a growth momentum. Under the originally established procedure, symbiotic in a new way and shows an unknown time and space.
On the walls and entrances of the building, a series of themed installations are created to display the theme. These overlap and echo with plants, people, vehicles, and urban scenes to bring curiosity and imagination to the "audience".

Color and Symbiosis

In the exhibition, colors and natural light are not only used to set off the artworks but also to reflect the emotional and spatial context in which the work was created. "Symbiotic World" has six sections, so Ruguan company uses six colors to show the various dimensions of "Symbiotic World". For example, "region and world", taking ocean blue as the main color, let the viewer think about "region and world", and wrapped in a soft blue cuticle. In application, these colors are used as three-dimensional elements, as a medium for creating and composing space.

Space and Symbiosis

The exhibition viewing process is more like a journey, in which each turn needs to be designed to reach the new context of the exhibition. Ruguan breaks the traditional exhibition structure, emphasizes the form of space, and creates an artistic door with six graphics for the six sections of the "symbiotic world". When the viewer steps inside, he begins to explore the art world.
Inside the exhibition hall, the figure of visitors using and strolling between the exhibition wall and the floor creates a world full of imagination. Through placement, connection, display, painting, and displacement, the subtle relationships between space, people, objects, images, and images are delicately presented within the space, constituting the experience of each exhibition, all of which may be achieved in the smallest intervention. At the same time, it weakens the boundaries of various art fields such as sculpture, painting, photography, mural painting, installation art, film, and video, providing visitors with a diversified exhibition space.

Agency: Shandong Ruguan Cultural Communication Co., Ltd

Shandong Ruguan Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive service company integrating creative planning, design, and execution, with rich experience in large-scale event planning and execution. The company has successfully served large-scale public relations and communication activities such as the 13th National Art Exhibition, the 2020 International Biennale, Shandong China-Korea Cultural Exchange Exhibition, Shandong Provincial Cultural Fair, Shandong TV China Advertising Festival and other large-scale public relations and communication activities in recent years.
Adhering to the concept of professional services, the company has a comprehensive and professional strategy team, graphic design team, space design team, event execution team, and factory production team, forming a company team with professional quality, execution ability, and rich experience. We have won awards in various professional competitions. In recent years, we have won several team awards and individual awards. For example, at the 16th China International Building Decoration and Design Art Fair "Huading Award" in 2020, we won the gold medal for commercial space; Ruguan Company won the "Most Artisan Design Institution Award in China's Building Decoration Industry", and designers Chen Xue and Li Huiting won the "CBDA Design Award - First Prize in Garden Landscape Space Engineering Category".
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