INNOVATION Prize of Model Room

SWAN BAY model room


This case is located in guangzhou haizhu district taigu cang side, the project is built in the riverside, the first river view model is located on the 42nd floor of no.7 building in the demonstration area. It is equipped with 4 rooms, 2 halls and 3 bathrooms. With an area of 200 square meters, adjacent to the bank of the pearl river, the landscape view is advantaged, with luxury porch scale, 6.5m*5m large living room, zhongdao large kitchen and other spaces, noble and comfortable, giving people with top quality of life. The public space and the living space are relatively independent house type design, which makes the living behavior way more fit the needs of people. This case design with "national gift · cloisonne" as the context theme, crowned with royal temperament. Stylist extracts cloisonne medium "pinch silk" "dot blue" craft gimlet, give space special meaning. Among them "family feast" is the Chinese interpretation of the auspicious reunion of the traditional ceremony. Stylist is committed to building a kind of "family banquet" atmosphere, match with "choke silk" the main tableware of craft, make dining-room elegant , light luxury which has extremely strong ritual feeling and deep memory!