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Concept: A good image shop design and decoration will support the store image of the whole barbershop. The environment and design are very important for customers' first visual impression. The design point is to highlight the characteristics and culture of the store and break the inherent style of the traditional image shop. Design inspiration: image transformation is an art! Features: niche, unique, quality, advanced! The color and style of the soft decoration in the store is a major point. The wall is made of retro wall cloth with specially customized architectural patterns, tailor-made furniture display combination, exquisite artistic ornaments, and soft lighting color temperature to create a romantic tone of the overall space atmosphere, so that customers can sit down, feel relaxed, comfortable, warm, reliable and safe, and at the same time relax the tension of employees and customers. High-grade and exquisite handicrafts decorated locally. Enhance the overall temperament of the space. The entrance of the store is designed in a unique semi-enclosed form, with a unique small and exquisite design. The semi-transparent glass partition wall can make the hazy outside see the warm and comfortable indoor atmosphere, add a little mystery and increase the number of tourists.

Designer:Ying Zou