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SUNDANCE NO.1 Trousers (costume)
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With the development of the times, people pay more and more attention to the minimalist style. This pair of trousers can not only attend formal occasions, but also meet users' daily travel and play. One pair of trousers can be used for multiple purposes. It adopts high elastic materials, through leading sewing technology and exquisite textile technology, to provide products with good extensibility, suture strength and excellent sewing performance. The low-key and simple design is in line with the fashion pursuit of contemporary people.
SUNDANCE NO.1 adopts double filament coated core yarn with filament as the core and wrapped with short fiber, which has excellent physical and mechanical properties of both core filament and wrapped with short fiber. The trousers made of it can stretch freely when wearing, and the retraction rate is over 92%, and the moisture absorption and permeability are good. Even if the skin is dry, static electricity will not occur, so it is comfortable to wear.
In terms of production technology, the trousers are twisted and woven with high count and high density fabrics. By using rotary motion, the fibers are twisted like wringing towels, so that the longitudinal connection between fibers is fixed. After drying, carry out the post-finishing work, so as to make the fabric tight, have a good sag, improve the gloss of the fabric appearance, highlight the noble, luxurious and exquisite products, and lead the trend of the times of high added value of textile products.

Agency: Hunan Dongfang Fashion CO.,LTD

Hunan Dongfang Fashion CO.,LTD (SUNDANCE Group) is a garment enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales. The company was founded in 1994. It has three major brands, namely, the light business men's wear brand of "SUNDANCE", "the high-end professional wear brand of" SOFFICE "and the private custom brand of “Labelit. Founded in 2010, SOFFICE is a professional clothing custom brand under Hunan Dongfang Fashion CO.,LTD. For more than ten years, SOFFICE has designed elegant, comfortable and easy to take care of clothes by relying on a team of internationally renowned clothing designers. It has provided a variety of group image matching schemes for administrative affairs, enterprise business and education colleges. At present, it has provided group customization services for thousands of large enterprises and institutions in more than 40 industries.