INNOVATION Prize of Real Sate Sales

Sunac Yangpu First Sales Center


Project Name: rongchuang Yangpu No.1
Owner information | rongchuang · China
Location Changchun, China
Completion time | 2019
Design area | 1500 m²
Interior design | maudea Shanghai Mudi designer Office
Furnishing design | maudea Shanghai Mudi designer Office
Design Director Mao Mingjing
The project is located in Changchun, China, referred to as "Chang", also known as "Spring City", ancient known as "Xidu", "chaachong" and "huanglongfu". It is the provincial capital, vice provincial city and the central city of Northeast Asia economic circle. It is one of the central cities in Northeast China, a national historical and cultural city, an important industrial base and comprehensive transportation hub in China.



I think of our work an being current,yet filtered through a sieve of traditional values.It is building with a sense of belonging.
。Different spaces have different forms and meanings. In the view of designers, the introspective experience in aesthetics and art and the original spirit of intuitive feelings are the core of design.
We hope that the architecture can achieve "simplicity" and "depth" at the same time. The spatial structure should be a space where people can gain full strength in spirit. Through the simple combination of walls to separate the space, in order to ensure the flexibility of the space. In order to create a unique space environment, the wall made of different sizes of stone materials is used to look for changes in the unified material, which not only ensures its purity, but also reflects its exquisite feeling.
The designer of this case tries to deeply explore the relevance of decoratism in the current era and regional and cultural context, to express the beauty of architecture from the change of light and shadow, and to highlight the value in the washing of years. Against the background of the dark environment, it forms a visual contrast with the space environment to achieve the level effect of flickering, and the shadow cast is also an integral part of artistic expression.
How to integrate with the environment, and under the premise of preserving the sense of history, into the "new" elements of the times, has become the starting point of the design of this case. According to local conditions, in the rational use of landscape and architectural resources, to achieve the common aesthetic feeling of artistic form and ideological connotation.
Design is not an end in itself. Realize people's various assumptions, let guests into wonderful dreams, enjoy the pure edification of time, and give new life to the space, so that the design of meditation can continue. Every region here is connected thoughtfully. Metal and wood are carefully selected and are natural materials from nature. The so-called beauty is often developed from life practice.
I want to create a space that moves people, Whether it's a house An art gallery or anything. It's like sitting on the grass and letting your mind wander, Feel the real joy. This is what I have been pursuing and striving for. Tadao Ando

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