Best of Villa Space

Suzhou, China – No. 1 State Guest of Jinji Lake


Double lake plate only one manor French mansion
Located by the beautiful Jinji Lake in Suzhou, Jinji Lake/Dushu Lake, the core location of the two lakes. It occupies 4.6 mu of land, with the maximum span of 55 meters from south to north and 67 meters from east to west, surrounded by gardens. The indoor area is 2200m2 and the garden area is 2400m2.
The biggest highlight of the house design lies in the basement of the garden area due to the south, which achieves the sunken garden, the full-lighting due to the south basement, the standard swimming pool of 25m long 4.5m wide, and the broad vision of the first-floor platform.
Housing suite designed for full independence, master suite room for 400 on the second floor flat complete, independent cloakroom 90 square, the staircase staircase width 6.2 meters, 1.6 meters wide by circular stairs around 2.2 meters in diameter of full glass curtain wall sightseeing elevator upwards, all hand made bronze armrest with swarovski crystals, shining like diamonds in the crown of the queen. 12 high equipped toilets, a full set of GESSI top bathroom, three independent suites of second bedroom can achieve more than 150 square meters of private exclusive space, equipped with top sauna room, top audio-visual standard space, standard swimming pool, standard basketball court, standard Chinese and Western kitchen, banquet hall, main hall, auxiliary hall, fitness area and so on ~

Designer: Shen Jia/Abro

Position: Design Director/partner
Concept: Design is the most direct expression of people's emotions towards life and space
Works: Greentown Imperial Garden/Taohuayuan, Kowloon Cang No. 1, Jinhe Shuixiang Neighborhood/Zhonghai Yuhuxi Shore/Yanheng Guantang/Renhenghai And Courtyard/Vanke Cofco Case, etc