INNOVATION Prize of Leisure & Entertainement

Star City International Entertainment and leisure complex


As the largest leisure and entertainment complex in Hunan Province, everything in Star City International is redefining the new world for young people in Huaihua. It has three floors and 140000 square meters. It provides enough space for singing and full release for young people.



You can walk on the top of the cloud when you enter the door. In the overall design, the designer pays attention to the reasonable collocation of space, makes full use of every inch of space, integrates science and technology and fashion, integrates tradition and modernity, avoids triviality in combination and collocation, appears generous and natural, and exudes extraordinary cultural taste. Here, what you can see is the multiple collision between art and avant-garde. Subvert the tradition and trend, and establish the attitude and style alone. The AI corridor of magic wind is full of science and technology with interlaced light and shadow. The multi-channel stereo surround sound can make you sing better and satisfy the music intensity of female DJ's Carnival. 140 karaoke rooms are made of space industry grade materials, and the world's first 360 degree immersion visual private room system is not only singing every second, but also experiencing a peak art work of technology and industry integration. K bar, a movie dedicated to creating immersive experience, is the first choice for young people. The frenzy of the party, the passion of billiards competition, and the same type of E-sports of "Han Shangyan", 1-to-1 high fixed housekeeper provides full service, far away from the indifference of reinforced concrete city. Here, the ambiguous and passionate hormones burst out wonderfully. Everyone is the protagonist of this carnival party! "Beer bubble ginseng, coke and medlar", is the contemporary youth, even if "punk", health is also a proper arrangement! In the foot bathing area of health preservation, modern Chinese style, old crafts and new techniques are combined with aromatherapy and bathing. The flowing attitude is not to drift with the tide. Buffet food, billiards, leisure, you want all the comfort, all in one net here. The meridians and collaterals are relaxed and active, and you can punch in the karaoke foot bath area! The wonderful world created by the secondary light source is warm and not messy. The one-stop leisure service makes people immersed in this paradise. After the counter, the busy bartender draws a rainbow halo in the glass. After the collision, it is hot and cold. Through the wine mixing corridor and noisy room K, it is an elegant business district full of high-grade red wine and cigars. The new mode of free, free and self resource interaction opens up every possibility of enjoying your life. The expansion of space, the introduction of top design and hardware, as well as the overall improvement of entertainment. No matter you are a fan of fashion culture, elite of high taste, and occasionally indulgent urban white-collar, Star City International plans your own entertainment mode and feel more possibilities.

Designer: Cao Jiong