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Zhongrong Bluetown Complex City


The sun and the moon run through the sky, the rivers and the earth, and the tides chant the vast silence of the universe in ancient times.
In the name of ideal, Zhongrong Bluetown Complex City was born in the name of Hangzhou, spanning the West Lake era and Qiantang River era. Louis Liou, who is the main designer of the project, takes "river shadow and moon phase" as the core concept, seeks inspiration from river tides, explores resonance in the operation of the universe, and outlines a surrealistic life art museum for the project in the changing nebula and moon phases.
The river surges up and down, turning into a line swimming in the space. The high and low curved arc outline is from top to bottom, from outside to inside, just like the wave slowly hitting the shore from the sea. With the super scale, it can receive the rhythm of the tide and remind the visitors that they are stepping into a journey to the sea. The stainless steel art device shaped in the image of spray and water lines has a built-in breathing lamp, which metaphors the formless and wonderful life.
The matrix chandelier is just like the beginning of chaos. At the moment of the big bang, the atom splits and the light comes out from the darkness. Under the bright and unbroken vision, life is born, man and the universe are naturally related. The grand proposition gradually melts the boundary of space to the boundless universe, forms a spiritual private domain, and guides visitors to move forward.
The angel comes down, the matrix lamp belt is vertical from the sky, like the wings, the perceptual temperature softens the space, and gives infinite philosophical thought to the poetic interpretation of the vast universe, and enriches the space with the power of art.
The irregular green carpet, like a pond, changes in the clear and white space, creating a virtual illusion of water waves. In the spacious and flexible space, the staircase draws the focus of the whole vision and strengthens the depth and three-dimensional level of the first floor space.
The graceful and smooth lines like water waves, the atmosphere is simple and slanting down, which adds a gorgeous beauty to the shaping space. The artistic charm of natural expression just shows the balance between nature and art.
The ablation device under the stairs is equipped with a single chair, which is treated with stainless steel polishing technology, just like the irreversible opposition between human footprints and glacier ablation. To explore the connotation of life philosophy calls for reflection on nature. The arc geometry art installation, such as melting ice floes, is also like an island of life. The artistic conception of surrealism echoes with the whole space and achieves the mirror effect of space.
The streamlined corrugated design is like the return of the tide, clanging against the bank. In the current surging, each book is like the colored gravel rolled by the tide, which flushes the accumulation of civilization to the shore one by one, waiting for enthusiastic idealists to pick them up one by one. As a one-stop social gathering of Arts and culture, water bar, gallery and other spaces are brewing new life relationships. It is not only a daily interaction place, but also a holy land for fashion art.
The most beautiful appearance of space design lies in boundless imagination. From the natural image, from the dream to the daily, from the fresh to calm. In the Museum, Louis Liou draws closer the distance between dream and reality by imagination, leading people to jump out of the complexity of the city, immerse themselves in the pure beauty of space art, and also carries the spirit and connotation of the East.

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