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Square circle – Dance


The Tao Te Ching says: The difficult things in the world must be done in the easy, and the great things in the world must be done in the details. There is also a warm world between square inches, and there are big realms in the subtleties. This project is the exhibition space of "Square Inches·Art and Design" of the parallel exhibition of the 5th Suzhou·Jinji Lake Biennale in 2020. In the square inch, the design technique allows people to have more dimensional knowledge and understanding of art! People often think that art is limited to art galleries or museums, far away from life! How to integrate art and space and gain the consensus of the audience? We present it in the form of a living room in the family! Because the living room is a space where family members gather for common activities, this space integrates everyone's preferences, and the free combination of individuals converges into an orderly link of the whole!
The theme color of the space is Chinese red, with spun chair. This combination creates a sense of spatial cohesion and a kind of enthusiasm, just like a mother's dedication to her family and family all the time and unconditionally! With obsidian black and ancient golden colors as auxiliary colors, the squeaky "little yellow man" sofa, black wool and yellow polyester fiber, and 360-degree flip backrest, add a lot of fun to the space. Like a father, brave, responsible, yet soft and funny! The pure black circular diving coffee table is placed in the middle, and the 360-degree horizontal rotation function meets the needs of every angle. The sleek shape ensures the safety of the child, while satisfying the child's curiosity so that the child's playful nature can be fully displayed! Walls, curtains, and carpets extend the depth of the space in white, and use latex paint, pure cotton, and plush materials to show the pure and soft temperature of the space! The inclusiveness of white allows each color to be fully reflected, and the space is more flexible between breathing, and people and people, people and space are freely integrated!
There is space in every inch,
There is also a big realm in subtle places,
Art and design
Revolve with love,
No matter where
No matter how far away,
All in the perfect world!
Love is the soul of the world!
Love is given
Take the initiative to give happiness,
Take the initiative to do what you can,
Respect, support, protect, satisfy...
Generation after generation,
Generation after generation,
Generation after

Designer: Huo Bing

Huo Bing: Suzhou Aitemei Space Design Co., Ltd. (24th Floor, Aikang Building, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu) Senior Residential Interior Designer, Member of China Building Decoration Association Senior Interior Designer, Member of China Interior Design Association Senior Soft Decoration Designer of National Federation of Industry and Commerce Assistant Lecturer of World To East China Dress Beauty Art Soft Dress Excellent designer of the high-end course training class of Chinese costume art Member of Suzhou Decoration Association, Jiangsu Province Founder/Design Director of Suzhou Art.M Design Space Design 2020 3rd CBDA China's most influential person in soft furnishing industry