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Spring Reflects Haihe River
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Spring Reflects Haihe River Project is located in Hedong Dazhigu District of Tianjin. As the saying goes, "Dazhigu came before Tianjin Wei". Dazhigu, the birthplace of Tianjin, has a history of more than 800 years and has witnessed the great changes of Tianjin in the past several hundred years.
The project is less than 600m away from Haihe River. It is close to Jintang Road, Dongxing Road and Metro Line 9, with convenient transportation. The nearby education, medical and commercial resources are rich, and the urban core high-end crowd gathers. But the site is surrounded by the surrounding old residential areas, a little vicissitudes of life and dilapidated, seems to have lost all connection with the bustling fashion. When the new and the old are in fierce conflict, it needs a renewal of the city, based on the inheritance of the urban context, history and culture. It needs a series of exquisite transformation, not only to retain the urban memory, but also to achieve the improvement of spatial functions, regional environment optimization and regional interface update.
The first strategy in the planning of the project is to integrate multiple functions to improve the regional energy level and vitality of the old city. Project covers an area of 53700 ㎡, with a total construction area of 161000 ㎡, 2.22 the building volume rate, including supporting facilities and commercial construction area of about 23000 ㎡, accounts for about 20% of the total volume, covering commercial, police, street agency, elderly care centers, community health service station area complement and so on a series of supporting service facilities, More importantly, the plan is to completely open the open space of the old city with the typical open and low-density commercial street form. In the site space facing the urban interface, with the help of historical, cultural and humanistic characteristics, regional unique commercial landscape and a number of open public Spaces are created to activate the new life of the old city.
Another important part of the project's planning strategy is to sort out the urban interface, improve the urban image and revitalize the old town. In the facade design, the project adopts the classical segmented proportion, and uses the modern simple design technique to express the architectural form. The slender horizontal lines deduce the main tone of the horizontal expansion of the facade, and the vertical borders are divided into simple blocks, so that the building facade is smooth and simple, but also full of dynamic rhythm sense, forming artistic tension.
In the detailed design, the modern aesthetic style of "super flat" is applied, and the original natural materials such as metal and stone are used to create it with the cutting process of high precision. Combined with the aluminum plate with strong luster, it presents the timeless beauty of rigid and flexible, which not only shows the simplicity, but also ensures the compatibility with the design of the project itself. Create a modern atmosphere, exquisite carved texture, every detail on the exquisite and every level of texture reflects the contemporary architectural aesthetic fashion.
As a residential design project, the quality of the community is particularly important. This project focuses on creating an enclosed central garden community. The floor placement of the community adopts a cross-leaved and symmetrical way, which effectively improves the floor spacing of the community center and leaves more space for the garden. In addition, such planning avoids the local concentration of resources and achieves greater equity, trying to ensure that each household has better lighting, ventilation and views.
The height of the residential building from 9 to 18 floors, for different family structure of the space needed to create a family area from 80 square meters to 136 square meters can grow full-age family. The concept of landscape design in the community comes from four key words: mountain, forest, boat and shadow. By introducing three main elements of sea river, city and forest, the goal is to create an ideal comfortable residence.

Agency: GOA (Group of Architects )

As a large design organization with premium architectural quality as its ultimate mission, GOA provides customers with highly reliable and integrated professional services. The Company currently boasts a pool of more than 800 professionals and sets up offices in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing, forming a full-profession system covering urban design, architectural creation, engineering design, and management consulting. With irreplaceable pioneering advantages in such fields as high-rise buildings, hotels, urban mansions, sci-tech parks, and characteristic towns, GOA is also one of the first private design organizations that obtain the national class-A qualification in construction engineering.
Since its foundation in 1998, GOA has always adhered to a principal-centered working mode. Bolstered by a powerful operative platform, more than 30 principals and their professional teams are closely connected through three systems, i.e. Project Manager, Design Manger and Engineering Manager to dig into the whole-process quality control of each project. With a deep insight into customers’ value demands at multiple levels and being good at combining international vision with local conditions, GOA not only provides systematic design solutions, but also efficiently integrates top-notch expert resources worldwide, with a view to provide customers with highly diversified and well-processed works.
A rigorous, objective, diversified and open corporate culture is the brand gene of GOA that provides professionals with attractive work environment and remuneration, cares about and supports the independent growth of outstanding talents, and constantly creates an innovation atmosphere of interdisciplinary cooperation. By dint of its unique vitality, GOA is devoted to providing every employee with a platform to practice and fulfill dreams.