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Spacial Montage


How to break the conventional reconstruction logic under the condition of a regular rectangular space?
The building conditions of this case are regular and traditional, and the series real estate product line is quite oriental. Under this tone, how to break the convention? In this case, within limited conditions, through design considerations, the design logic was reorganized to create a new logical order of our space.
The film is to construct a spatial continuum, using abstract film montage techniques to piece together, cut, and recombine, breaking the original spatial logic, and producing interesting spatial montages. People stick out of it without feeling the trace of "editing". Through the construction of levels, from the outside to the inside, from development to compactness, various functional attributes are assigned to the space in an orderly manner, and the overlapping of this ring-shaped level derives a sculptural space atmosphere.
Positive oblique transition The L-shaped space turns 90 degrees into a euphemistic transition through a slanted line. Let the two form an organic and natural transition.
Chaos eyes shone through the screen of order. –Novaris
Outside the twists and turns,time and space are juxtaposed, and the physical sum of the X and Y axes is created. To achieve a new generalization and concentration of space, to create different spatial contexts, to create our unique spatial order. Between the leaping vision and the travel of time and space, outside of rational analysis, we truly discover the "sensual beauty" of space.
The space is a silent abstract interior architecture, without decoration or performance. Nothing is Tao and the rhythm of life. The space can be converged or released with the artistic conception in the mind, it is fluid and changeable and imaginary. The spaces penetrate each other, creating an interesting and layered spatial rhythm. All "beauty • art" is for hope, for appreciation, looking out, and to see a new realm.
The calm base is summarized by wood grain, and the warm base is depicted by stone. There is no need to rely on too many materials, and it is simply and ably divided, and the general transmission of the roof shape and meaning of the deep area is blended with the architectural landscape.
The tough lines of the roof and walls give the space a sense of infinite extension and connect with the scenery outside the window. The inside and outside of the space communicate with each other. The scenery outside the window is a picture after the window frame, and the realm of paintings from different angles increases infinitely.
The winding path of the garden, the change of scenery, the oriental garden art is hidden in the exterior style.
The rectangle, the curved surface and the diagonal line intersect, which is feasible, prospective, swimable, and living, enriching the feeling of beauty. Eight poles can be surrounded by an inch of the eye, all things can be in one dynasty, the snow of thousands of years, the ship of thousands of miles, the euphemistic transition from the corner, the experience of infinite time and space.
Trailing type
The design is firstly developed around the different needs of people. Satisfying the specific use of space is a prerequisite for good design. The sloping wall guides people forward like flowing water. Breaking the conventional layout of the marketing center to meet marketing needs, the multiple combination of Doer space and irregular splicing create a logical framework for different atmospheres.
A landscape, a spiritual realm. Using the entire universe as a temple, and receiving shocks and collisions, is worthy of a tolerant atmosphere.

Designer: Luo Wei

Work meticulously and design diligently.
VGC Design was founded in 2010, integrating humanities, environment, architecture and landscape with the logic of the product, integrating functions. Balance art and commerce, break space barriers with an international perspective and open pattern, create the ultimate smart space, and create value for developers and users.