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SOM-100%Recycle&multifunction SNOWBOARD APPAREL
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Due to the special environment for skiing, the designing and material selection of skiwear is demanding. This piece of skiwear, with high tech and a sustainable design, brings comfort during skiing and minimizes resource use and pollution. It comes with an ultra-light ski jacket and a removable thermal vest for different temperatures. Light and comfortable, the vest features a top layer made of DuPont’s eco-friendly, waterproof Tyvek and Sorona renewable cotton. With a moisture regain rate of just 0.4%, it’s finer and drier than down, and doesn’t hurt animals. No heavy feelings. The jacket has a back strap inside to ensure a snug fit to the back. It can be carried on the back, allowing users to easily switch clothes based on the temperature. Inspired by the one-piece structure and "Zero-Waste" concept, the jacket adopts a subtractive design approach and removes the split line at the cuffs to ensure maximum stretch space and provide more comfort and flexibility. The waterproof Gore-TEX material ensures all-weather performance, while the wind and snow-proof hem and non-slip webbing prevent cold air from entering, adapting to different weather conditions. Moreover, the whole product is made of 100% Eco Materials that are fullly recyclable.

Designer: yijie Ma

Outdoor clothing designer contemporary artist
She studied and worked in France for 4 years(2016-2020)studied fashion design and courses of Fashion Management MBA at Esmod Bordeaux and MOD’ART International Paris.
After returning to China in 2020, she engaged in Goski Originals skiwear design until May 2022, and then join the ANTA GUANJUN team as a senior designer.