INNOVATION Prize of Office Design

Smart Office


The task we received this time was to expand the headquarters of one of the largest law firms in Guangxi. In order to meet the requirements of modern office, we abandoned the common boring practice of public enterprises in China, and referred to some foreign cases. Combine the actual environment of the site to build another decade of their future.



First of all, we consider that most of the parties are looking for a lawyer to help with a heavy feeling, so we used a large "Hello" three-dimensional glass wall to greet the guests at the exit of the elevator. At the reception area, we use a large area of solid wood elements with warm lighting to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In the past, the reception room was simply set up behind the front desk, which was noisy and without any privacy. After re-planning, we divided it into five multi-functional reception rooms of different sizes, which facilitated the communication between the lawyer and the client. Serve as a small meeting room for group discussions. In large conference rooms, we have injected the concept of sharing that we have often heard in recent years. We have created the space transformation required for different occasions through large-scale electric devices ordered from abroad. We separate large, medium-sized conference rooms and staff restaurants with movable walls. When needed, we can move a five-meter-long moving wall with the app on the mobile phone. For example, when there are many people in a meeting, you can open up two meeting rooms, or you can share the space in the restaurant area when you hold a company meeting in a special festival. It can be extended to a large space environment that can accommodate nearly 100 people. The traditional conference rooms are designed to be more serious. In order to promote the brains of everyone, we have adopted a more vivid green carpet, hoping to create a natural environment, so that everyone can easily discuss sitting on the grass. In the design process of the whole conference room, we got the cooperation of well-known domestic software suppliers, specially designed an intelligent system including: teleconference and lighting effects to meet the communication with domestic and foreign customers.
The staff restaurant is the most memorable place in the whole design process. I remember that when I first went to the site for inspection, it was just noon time. I saw several lawyers holding lunch boxes and eating while sitting at their desks full of files. Working at the same time, this scene is deeply imprinted on my mind. Therefore, during the planning process, I proposed to Party A to plan the most open area of the entire space into a staff restaurant and bar area, so that the busy office environment can also have a relatively relaxed rest area. This idea is also led by Party A. Director Li’s full support.
Because the building is dominated by glass curtain walls, the indoor temperature is relatively hot during the summer, so we have all the offices have independent lighting and ventilation windows during the planning, and redesigned a set of lighting, fresh air and air conditioning systems, so that lawyers have A more comfortable office environment. The smart office software card device provided by Huawei allows employees to control all kinds of device switches through smart cards, and master all device data through big data. At the same time, we also joined the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation, using the transparent glass partition of the partner office, so that outdoor light can also penetrate into the central office area, reducing unnecessary light sources during daytime work; to achieve energy-saving emission reduction, smart and environmentally friendly green Office environment.

TOP Interior Design Studio

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