INNOVATION Prize of Mansion Villa

Slow time


he texture of the space language of a residence designed for a specific inhabitant usually revolves around the specific living context within or around it, with the idea of releasing the future vitality of the city, so as to create green, healthy, technological and humanized. The whole space exudes a comfortable atmosphere. Panzhihua is an immigrant city, a mining and iron city, and a city with rugged mountains. However, it is also a healthy city with beautiful sunshine and fragrant fruits all the year round. With its leisurely atmosphere and comfortable rhythm, Panzhihua people like the salty years very much. They meet with three or five friends, drink tea, play cards, play ball, and go to Gesala by motorcycle Go on a journey, or go home alone after a day of fatigue, squeeze mango juice, lie on the sofa, salty sunshine, wet green, quiet years.



The long time of this case perfectly conforms to human and nature. While paying attention to fashion, it integrates different styles and presents a quiet and good atmosphere. In this case, most of the marble tiles are made of hard materials, which are not easy to deform in the process of use, and the maintenance is relatively convenient, which makes the whole house fresh and fresh. The rich color matching with metal and wood can highlight the graceful rhythm. In addition to abandoning the blind pursuit of rigid aesthetic feeling and reflecting the care for people in the design details, the exploration of space charm also tests the designer's sensitivity to beauty. The scattered setting of the window position makes the entrance of light controlled and changeable, and the space particles can flow continuously, perceive the space diffusion, and the time becomes slow. The warmth and moistening of dolomite is the natural gift after time deposition. It belongs to the original expression of spatial authenticity with the earth color solid wood main wall and the integrated structure of the shelf. The geometric style carpet not only increases the visual field scale, but also echoes with the marble pattern vertically and parallelly with the square top grid.
Most of the cases use black and white tone, day and night, clouds and mountains. Richness and conciseness are never mutually exclusive. With few color applications, "more" and "less" are integrated in different dimensions. Large scale use of metal lines outlines the spiritual context of the space, and the lines with golden light are clean and neat, which makes the space more and more show the texture under the light and shadow. With the light bar to decorate the aurora, cloud marks and star spots, the tile wave point mosaic is like the light spots projected by the moon. It is beautiful and can't be self-contained. I can't help dancing among them. With the unique patterns of marble, it looks like sound and scenery. Everything is just right. Rotating marble stairs, like the mountain path, lively pace, to the calm of the heart. The modern texture of the space is extended in the bedroom, and on this basis, it highlights the quietness with a more calm style. The decorative paintings with infinite interest are the aesthetic expression of the residents. The multi-function room downstairs is another kind of leisure. Most of the space is left blank, which makes the space appear clean and wider. The top is like a river like cloud. The uneven stone on the wall makes people immerse themselves in the scene, as if playing in the nature, which interprets the harmony between the mountains and the earth

Li Tao