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Sino-Thai Shang Yuan Catering design
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project one Introduction
Type: Catering design
Location: Taiyuan City
Area: 3500㎡
Chief case designer: joe Wang participating
designers:Yongyu Li
Completion date: 2023
Project positioning:
This case embodies the oriental charm of Jinyang and the legend of the fashion industry, infusing the city with a sense of joy.Under the collision and fusion of Chinese and Western cultures, this space presents a new and contemporary combination, blending classic and modern elements to evoke an avant-garde and noble feeling.
Space artistic conception:
"Phoenix Dance and Dragon City" is an oriental expression that integrates Chanel's unique conceptual narrative into the space.
It tries to express the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, classical and modern lifestyles, lightness and openness. Interpreting cultural symbols through the contemporary context, presenting the resonance between the oriental culture of Phoenix Dance and Dragon City and the modern and exquisite Chanel style.
Space Layout:
We have integrated aesthetic interests that stem from the study of spatial behavior, where "interest" is gained through walking. Every step taken through the space offers a unique sensory experience and attention to detail. By tapping into the spirit of the environment, we have combined Eastern philosophy with contemporary thinking and exploration. Through a combination of Eastern and Western influences, innovative material design, and cross-disciplinary collaboration, we have established sustainable creative foundations that reflect memories and cultural traditions across different times and spaces.
Design material: From an environmental perspective, the Phoenix Art Decoration utilizes materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly. In addition, the decoration incorporates Pingyao Pushing Paint, a national intangible cultural heritage project of Shanxi Province, as a way to promote and preserve traditional Chinese art and culture.
user experience:
[Sino-Thai Shang Yuan] combines Chinese and Western flavors, renders a noble and elegant space artistic conception, and creates a Catering space that combines oriental charm and Chanel's elegant aesthetics, allowing diners to experience "discovery and exploration" while walking pleasure.

Agency:Jacking Up Creative Interior

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