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The site is located in Ganjingzi District, Dalian, with good natural conditions and perfect surrounding cultural and educational facilities.
At the first sight of Dalian, the city is full of romance, customs and fashion, and the wind, sea tide, mountains and rivers are natural symbols brought to it. How to show the vitality of the city in the design? How to integrate the mountain and sea culture into the site? How to make the owners have emotional resonance in the field? We decided to use modern design techniques to interpret urban classics and artistic thinking back to spiritual innovation, so as to convey the "modern Oriental Zen" with Dalian characteristics.
The project consists of 11 floors of small high-rise residences and 27 to 30 floors of high-rise residences. The high-rise buildings are arranged along the north Planning Road and the east Shandong Road, two high grade urban arteries, and the small high-rise buildings are arranged in groups in the hinterland of each block. The spatial order is clear and the scale is pleasant. The entrance of the community and the bottom business of life service are spread along the road, and the kindergarten is also arranged along the road in the southwest corner of the plot, forming a good living atmosphere together. Public rental housing is arranged along the street in the northwest corner of the plot, which is conducive to independent management and operation in the future.
Residential design standards are better than those of the same grade surrounding real estate, all for hardcover delivery, equipped with central air conditioning and floor heating. High-rise residential all for the north and south transparent housing, 98 square economic side households three rooms, two halls and one bathroom, compact and comfortable plane. The middle apartment is 95 square meters, three bedrooms, two living rooms and one bathroom or 85 square meters, two rooms, two living rooms and one bathroom, with a balcony outside the bedroom. Small high-rise 11 floors, are 99 square, three rooms, two halls, one bathroom and 115 square, three rooms, two halls, two bathrooms, with an independent storage space. Gift living room, study outside the usual step balcony, landscape view is excellent.
The facade design adopts modern style, reflecting the typical characteristics of the second generation of high-rise buildings in Greentown. The stretch horizontal lines are matched with oversized glass Windows, and the middle is inlaid with gray aluminum plate or paint wall. The volume and lines of the facade are abstracted and simplified into a geometric composition with good proportion and beautiful rhythm through modern techniques. In detail design, the handover and collocation of materials are carefully processed, and the light warm gray system is used in the color, which not only effectively reflects the concise fashion of modern architecture, but also fully ensures the sense of quality of the building. The facade of the building coexisting with beauty and delicacy, stretch transverse lines, ultra wide glass Windows, concave and convex facade become an oncoming visual feast. The material is made of self-cleaning real stone paint, exquisite materials and full texture.
The elegant welcoming lobby, the scientifically planned U-shaped welcoming and drop-off area, and the smart and beautiful entrance porch highlight the attitude of exquisite life with the architectural sense of beauty. You can feel the beauty of art and the sense of ritual of returning home during the walking.
French style garden, "three axes, two rings and multiple gardens" design, three main axis landscape, landscape ring and runway, multiple zoning garden, create a pleasant neighborhood interaction scale. About 80 meters of floor spacing, let the sun covered with life, lush garden to fulfill the green city "landscape first" commitment, let the owners to enjoy rich vegetation.

Agency: GOA (Group of Architects )

As a large design organization with premium architectural quality as its ultimate mission, GOA provides customers with highly reliable and integrated professional services. The Company currently boasts a pool of more than 800 professionals and sets up offices in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing, forming a full-profession system covering urban design, architectural creation, engineering design, and management consulting. With irreplaceable pioneering advantages in such fields as high-rise buildings, hotels, urban mansions, sci-tech parks, and characteristic towns, GOA is also one of the first private design organizations that obtain the national class-A qualification in construction engineering.
Since its foundation in 1998, GOA has always adhered to a principal-centered working mode. Bolstered by a powerful operative platform, more than 30 principals and their professional teams are closely connected through three systems, i.e. Project Manager, Design Manger and Engineering Manager to dig into the whole-process quality control of each project. With a deep insight into customers’ value demands at multiple levels and being good at combining international vision with local conditions, GOA not only provides systematic design solutions, but also efficiently integrates top-notch expert resources worldwide, with a view to provide customers with highly diversified and well-processed works.
A rigorous, objective, diversified and open corporate culture is the brand gene of GOA that provides professionals with attractive work environment and remuneration, cares about and supports the independent growth of outstanding talents, and constantly creates an innovation atmosphere of interdisciplinary cooperation. By dint of its unique vitality, GOA is devoted to providing every employee with a platform to practice and fulfill dreams.