GOLD Prize of Catering Service

Shy No BBQ and Bar


Project Name: Shy No BBQ and Bar
Chief Designers: Kingdom Kuo
Assistant Designer: Xiufang Zhao, Xiang Ren
Project Location: Beijng, China
Project Area: 320 square meters
Cost: ¥1800,000
Completion Date: December, 2018 Photographer: Erqing Li



This is the fifth restaurant operated by the project owner. Each has a different design style. This dining room is the restaurant for the owner to prepare for the future chain business, so we both put a lot of energy into it. Our goal is to create a new barbecue shop that is in line with the current consumer preferences. The style is to highlight the personality of the operator and let it make acceptable to the elderly and young.
The orientation of this project is to create independent brand style and standardization for all future chain stores. Therefore, we reflect a simple but not simple, comfortable but not casual, natural and elegant non-traditional barbecue restaurant with both design and artistic flavor, so that to get rid of the public for the barbecue shop greasy, rough, low-grade stereotypes.
Because the overall area of the project is not large, in order to avoid the monotonous impression of customers at a glance, we made a moderate isolation in the space. But also in order to avoid too closedoppression, so we ingeniously use design techniques in the gaze cannot directly penetrate the compartment to do a few open, let people have a sense of continuity of the space, to see the big from the small. It also uses the concepts of travel and inter in Chinese architectural techniques to lengthen the moving line and borrow scenery from each other to achieve the interest of space.
In terms of materials, in order to unify the vision and avoid the complex color disturbing the space integrity, we use gray as the keynote on a large scale, supplemented by warm log color. This also considers the convenience of construction and cost control, and creates a good foundation for the rapid growth of new restaurants and the reduction of decoration costs in the future.
The project was originally a 5.7-meter-high storefront on the first floor. In order to increase the business area, the two-story steel structure sandwich is added. The height of the first floor is 2.75 meters, and the height of the second floor is 2.5 meters. The main pipelines and air conditioning drainage are all in the non-sandwich area, which ensures the comfort of customer activities and the integrity of space.
In addition, the original windows were removed, replaced by a large piece of glass 3.5 meters wide and 2 meters high, which ensured the wide field of vision. The whole window can be pushed up and lifted in summer to connect indoors and outdoors. The three-layer air-tight insulation window ensures the comfort of indoor temperature in winter and reduces energy consumption.
To reassure customers, we use a large area of open glass to separate the kitchen from the dining area, which are about 6 meters wide and 1.8 meters high.
The project time requirement is very tense, which involves the rent and time cost. In order to ensure the time limit of the project and to present a better design effect, we often have meetings with the owner until late at night. Each area, even every line, and size is examined many times.

Chief Designers: Kingdom Kuo