INNOVATION Prize of Office Design

SHIMU Space Design


The overall office space design method and concept is simple and practical, emphasizing the abandonment of unnecessary decoration. The color is mainly based on fashionable colors, black and white as the main color, and the shape is mainly based on simple and beautiful geometry, bringing people spiritual enjoyment. This minimalist design is very suitable for the current fast-paced social needs. People in modern cities work in the office and most of all need to be completely relaxed.

Wang Jin

Wang Jin, creative director of Shi Mu Space Design Office, won the London Design Prize in London, England. Shimu Space Design Office was established in 2010 and is mainly engaged in high-end design such as art space, clubs, hotels, private houses, and commercial space exhibition halls. Misi.fandeluo: "less is more." In the overall space design, we use the architectural technique to do the interior, to keep the simplicity, to remove the excess decoration, to retain the core elements, to integrate "less is more" into the design, and to interpret the spirit of minimalism.