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The original meaning of Xuan is red black. The color of red and black is relatively fuzzy, which leads to profound and mysterious meanings. Xuan is an ancient Chinese character for hanging, which means hanging by rope, and extends to the sky, remote and so on. Metaphysics is the general law "Tao" of all things in the universe, which embodies the infinite and mysterious changing function of all things.
This case takes Xuan as the theme and takes different space as the concept, and introduces Xuanshan, Xuanyan and Xuanshui
Mountains and steles are black, inkstone is black, ink is black
Reception hall on the third floor: Xuanshan Mountain -- a secluded place
The screen bears the story of Duanzhou stone chamber written by Li Yong, a great calligrapher of the Southern Tang Dynasty. Taking the landscape paintings of Li Xiongcai, a famous painter of Lingnan School in Zhaoqing, the background wall and reception desk are created to form a clear spring. A stream of ink stone flows into the sky.
Model area: Xuan inkstone -- morning breeze and dew
The concept of freehand brushwork landscape painting is introduced into the overall shape and picture. Zhaoqing star lake will display the artistic conception of "Pinghu Autumn Moon". The archway fountain, lamp makeup and colorful peak are set off against the moon, which is a beautiful scene of heaven and earth. We hope to use a morning dew to reflect the best scene of the star lake, seal it up, turn it into a gem and hang it in the most conspicuous place of the "time treasure box". The shape of the sand table Duan Inkstone implies that water drops fall into the Duan inkstone, forming ink and composing a gorgeous picture. Duan Inkstone hopes to create a sense of floating in the air. Under the installation of water line lamp, meaning that the water overflows the inkstone and flows on the ground.
Chatan District: dark water
Connected with the tabletop, the water flow of the ceiling naturally forms a large-scale installation, which looks like a mountain. It shows the natural climate characteristics and folk culture of Zhaoqing's "dragon boat water". It also penetrates the whole story line of mountains and water.
Tea restaurant: Xuan bamboo
"Bamboo character: Bamboo: it shows integrity. Although it is not strong, it is upright, tough and straight; it is not afraid of cold and heat, and it will last forever. Bamboo is the embodiment of a gentleman and a gentleman in the "four gentlemen".
Tea restaurants use the concept of bamboo weaving. Depth and spatial emphasis. The whole box creates a quiet environment, with wood veneer on both sides, implying bamboo forest, and the shape on the top implies a big water drop splashing from the flowing river, echoing the theme of water.
Book bar area: Metaphysics -- the gate of many wonderful
The meaning of metaphysics refers to the two aspects of making a statement and doing things, and most of them are profound and broad-minded. I hope to show the subtlety and fantasy of metaphysics through the form and content of the book bar.
Water bar area:
The ink is black, and the water bar is on a black substrate with black and white stripes;
The ingenious lighting and shadow arrangement on the ceiling of the water bar shows the shape and shadow of ancient buildings. The chandelier composed of numerous crystals is suspended in the sky, just like stars. The crystal clear sky seems to be within reach. It is also like the romantic spring rain pouring down. It moistens the beautiful river and forms an interesting contrast with the solid base.
Corridor area:
With the sharp and clean lines of wooden grid, the high cold of black stone is set off by the facade of wood grille, and the light and shadow of wood grille move the softness of floor lamp, and insinuate in the wall surface of wooden grid and wood grain stone, forming a harmonious relationship of visual comfort.
VIP room:
The wall of VIP room is separated from metal by light color hard package. It is combined with exquisite mural and wall lamp belt. Combined with wall modeling cabinet, the simple form of space makes the artistic sense interspersed in life. The round shape of flowers and trees, together with exquisite art chandeliers, make the space increase the sense of quality. Life should not only be the rhythm of the city, but also the baptism of poetry. Choose a clean place to read for a period of time to wake up the attachment and return of the heart, so that the negotiation and relaxation are more comfortable and elegant.
Private banquet room:
The wall is based on the wood color veneer, with exquisite murals, and edge trimming with lamp belt effect, which outlines a rich visual impact. The ceiling uses curved wood veneer and round shape to collide in the space, and matches with exquisite art chandeliers to render modernism aesthetics and luxurious life quality.
Reception hall on the first floor:
The line form used in the whole symbolizes the infinite rhythm. The undulating and changing lines grow out of the spherical device and extend infinitely indoors, showing the posture of free movement. Space through light and shadow, space, art as the core of the whole design, the diversity of forms together constitute the infinity of design. The main background is decorated with exquisite stainless steel carving wall decoration, which seems to be the reproduction of ancient Duanzhou historical scene.
Foyer on the second floor:
The overall space uses the elegant wood grain stone and the exquisite gold metal to balance and coordinate the space texture, which is warm and comfortable without losing the refined taste. The main background wall is treated with artistic glass and textured stone. The ceiling is combined with light belt and metal modeling, combined with exquisite art chandelier, which makes the space more quality. The ubiquitous art language combines space with philosophy, and slowly leads to people's imagination of modern life.

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