Best of Commercial Space

Hong Kong Shilinda Rock Slab Exhibition Hall


In order to break the traditional consumer shopping experience, this case uses the movie "Inception" as the theme material to combine the futuristic nature of the product and space, and the characteristics of a new material that conforms to the future trend of "rock board", in a "dream" way Throughout the entire space, the form of product display is not "display", but is continuously and naturally implanted in every corner of the space. In addition to displaying the individuality of the space, it also shows the "place of use" and "craftsmanship" of the slab. Make customers who don’t know the slate clearly understand the use of materials and the differentiation of the unique experience of the space! Seek your dream of your future home in the movie "Inception"! ! !

Designer: BIN

Founder and Design Director of Kunming Yuanbin Decoration Design Co., Ltd.
Fifteen years of working experience in foreign companies, good at the concept of commercial space to the completion of the landing Pursue an extremely differentiated commercial space design concept
2018 French Double God Design Award
2016-2017 Guangzhou Design Week China's Top Ten Villa Designers
2017 UNDER 40 National Top Forty Designers