Best of Model Room

Description of the design between the model of Zhongfu Shi Cui Wei LAN Pavilion 79


Half the sugar
The extension of the art of living is the art of life. The refined retro style of simplified Rococo matched with the meranti color of gentle amorous feelings are the accessories to create a direct soul of literature and art and calm, giving people a long and intense visual experience. Living room with turquoise blue green and light pink match with elegant cream-colored, light gray fundamental key. Delicate white prototype tea table meets pink tender and lovely gyro chair, nippy and do not break gentleness. The open kitchen meets the personalized needs of boudoir, afternoon tea, cooking and baking, etc. The pink and blue interspersed accessories are supplemented by the picture with a pure white background, and the atmosphere of art and romance flows in the space.
In the master bedroom area, the white retro wall and gray background of the head of a bed, with beige combined with brown retro headboard modeling, pink and white mix and build the bed. Showing sweet taste, elegant booklike bedside cabinet and a blue carpet and decorative case of local decorative ornament, red people will space of artistic wind to the climax. The green flower arrangement of independent dressing table and the ornament of pink small bag, combine the delicacy of crystal act the role ofing act the role of, for the space mold the good appeal that gives delicate life and healthy sunshine.
Recreational room matchs with the blue-green vaulted wall of the most individual character with pink sofa and bud bud animal seat stool, place oneself indoors the fairytale world that seemed to arrive Mediterranean. Here makes a recreational and empty spiritual residence, will reside the hobby and the happy life carries among them, bury the seed of art in the bookshelf grid of warmth and interest.

Designer: Yazheng Liu