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Shaoguan Aoyuan Moon River Mountain Villa Guest House


Shaoguan Aoyuan Moon River Mountain Villa Guest House: Simple and Slow Living
The design aims to describe the warm, organic and sincere concept in the simple and rustic form and materials, to express the beautiful integration of nature and staycation, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to slow down the pace of life, where the comfort and inspiration are encountered. Warm gray cement walls and wood base present different levels of textures in the space, with a natural sense of intimacy, which calms down the impetuous heart during the journey.
In the choice of furniture and decoration, the designer replaces the corners with arcs, with concise and smooth lines, exuding a natural feeling. The amber grass lighting in the restaurant became the visual focal point. The artistic tray, rattan seats, and the cotton and hemp grass all become part of the space installation. The warm sunlight shines through the window, leaving the gentle warmth, and the beauty of life diffuses from the subtleties. The tea room design uses simple lines and natural materials to present an ideal lifestyle in a friendly and peaceful manner. The bedroom maintains natural color tones, which further relaxes the mood of passengers and demonstrates the elegant and inclusive hospitality. The hand-woven details in the wall paintings quietly describe the timeless charm of traditional art.

OPS Design

OPS Design founded in Guangzhou, focusing on hotels, clubs, real estate sales department and model rooms and other areas, and provide one-stop overall soft fitting services. The company's leading members have many years of experience in the world's top design firm, has been with Vanke Real Estate, Greenbelt Group, Fuli Real Estate, Yuexiu Real Estate, Aoyuan Real Estate, KWG Group Holdings、Shidi Real Estate, Country Garden Group and other well-known enterprises and developers, the project won the London OPAL Global Outstanding Real Estate Award, Korea K-DEIGN AWARD International Design Award and other authoritative awards. “In order to design and create value”, dedicated to the realization of the ideal environment full of vitality.