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The project is located in the core area of Yanta District, with a strong living atmosphere and living atmosphere around it. As a centralized community supporting facility, its complex and diversified functions will certainly serve the surrounding groups. Therefore, the design goal is first to create a neighborhood center open to the city, while integrating modern living concepts and international aesthetic style, to enhance the urban appearance and living experience of the project area, forming a "second living room" in the region.
Xi 'an has its unique life atmosphere and cultural atmosphere. As a response to this city with a long history, the project pays attention to the combination of ancient and modern in architectural design, adopts modern architectural methods and classical stone and line design, so that people can experience a sense of exquisite fashion in the overall atmosphere and feel a strong atmosphere of life.
Due to the shortage of land, the building volume is large. At the beginning of the architectural design, the stacking of blocks is used to weaken the building volume. At the same time, the glass surface is used to create a sense of beauty combining virtuality and reality on each block, and create a light architectural image. The building is composed of three layers of simple boxes, which form a rich open and semi-open space. The three layers of overhanging boxes are full of declarative features, and the simple and expansive form stands out from the surrounding environment.
The architectural space is rich in layers, and the use of outer corridors, outdoor stairs and landscape terraces to quickly cut indoor and outdoor Spaces eliminates people's solidified perception of architectural space and experiences the fun of space in the rich changes. The entrance opens to the intersection, releasing the corner space to the city. The two-storey double-height entrance steps step by step combine with the landscape along the street, bringing in the flow of people. At the same time, through the continuous upward stairs, the flow of people into the roof landscape terrace, forming a three-dimensional urban garden. At the main entrance, the central water feature is formed through the grand and prominent gray space, landscape ladder and overlapping water enclosure, weakening the indoor and outdoor perception, cleverly introducing the second floor space to people's vision, and realizing the concept of "micro-double first floor".
The gradual luminous perforated aluminum plate on the whole surface above the steps, simple and without losing details, warm lighting makes people full of heart. In the joint treatment, the details of aluminum plate, glass curtain wall and stone materials reflect precision and fine workmanship, virtual and solid, cold and warm mutually reflect and the overall space exudes a pure beauty. The traditional craftsman spirit is introduced into every detail of the building, refined and elegant, skillful in subtlety.
In addition to the contrast between the geometric beauty of the building, the use and design of materials are more in line with modern aesthetics. The large glass curtain is pure and clear, the elegant and delicate champagne gold aluminum plate, and the stone with rich texture make the whole building delicate and luxurious, which is in line with the contemporary people's pursuit of architecture.
The reception lobby is tall and upright, and the height of more than 8 meters emphasizes the aesthetic sense of ceremony and the design of the temple style, integrates the metaphorical needs of literati and nobles for housing, extracts the cultural context, and precipitates the spiritual soul. The matrix display of acrylic sheets reflects the wisdom and cultural confidence of the working people of the ancient capital.
Through the design of the moving line, create a different scenery, thin but not empty, full but not overflowing.
"No painting is a wonderful place" full of poetic romance and atmosphere, so that the texture of future life will be opened. With the same arc Angle of the large lamps form a visual tension and focus, so that the space becomes rich, light and shadow like diamond flicker, showing the company's obsession and pursuit of product details, reflecting a quaint picture.
Delicate waves, harmonious flow, elegant and mysterious, add a mysterious and poetic atmosphere to the stairs. The flowing feeling of gently wandering, giving the whole staircase vitality and vitality is also the finishing touch of the entire space.
The water bar area, everywhere transmits the delicate lazy, surrounded by light and shadow, exquisite lines, stable decorative panels spread narrative, light and shadow flow, shed the texture, contains the ancient city context, emphasizing the rhythm of the space and the sense of order, so that the space is silent and connected with each other. In every detail, the designer's ingenuity and art flow carefully, and the firm heart of the historical context and the texture of the years melt into it.


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