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Shangkun Yunqi time sales office


Shangkun Yunqi time sales office
Suzhou is a city floating on the water. LESTYLE takes the representative "boat" in Suzhou's water transportation culture as an artistic element. Half of it carries the past and the other half carries the future. It has witnessed the great changes of the city and continues the brilliant and rich cultural memory.
In terms of architectural appearance, Donald Judd's "Minimalism" style advocated by architectural design adopts simple geometric blocks as the main design elements, and emphasizes the integrity of the works.
When you enter the main hall of the entrance, you will feel like a prologue slowly before you. It will also be like the beginning of a stage play. You will walk up the stairs like a whirling ballet. Dynamic curve and static space form a sharp contrast, with the impact of visual effect, bring people a deep emotional resonance.
Through the exhibition area of Shangkun's ten years of reminiscence, the simple line wooden exhibition stand is elegant and independent of the double-layer high vestibule.
The boundary of each small communication field simulates the seat layout of the coffee shop, strengthens the intimate distance between the mild temperament of the coffee shop and the social situation, and pays attention to people's seeking for peace and quiet in the space or reaching the demand of deep discussion, so as to truly touch the poetic experience of people.
"We have planted a tree, a tree of life". This tree carries the vitality of Shangkun, and also brings us a living and dynamic space. The designer adds the concept of "book bar", and the ladder library can sit down to read and communicate at any time. The ever-increasing number of books is the mutual echo of the physical and spiritual world.
From the sales center to the future community center, the family is the most important place for people's life, and the community is the most basic unit of people's life.
In this multi-functional aesthetic Museum, we will show the life style of the next generation. Here, we will focus on the experience / moving / communication / relaxation / preferences / family / beneficial / organic ecology between the customer groups. It gathers the art and wisdom of life, a public space in the spiritual field, and creates a place where the body and mind can settle down.

Shanghai Lestyle Interior Design Co,Ltd

Founded in 2004, LeStyle is a one-stop interior design agency engaged in interior design and decoration design. It commits itself to providing professional design services for hotels, clubhouses, office buildings, sales centers, show flats and high-end residential projects to global high-profile real estate and commercial enterprises.
Upon 16 years’ development, LeStyle now possesses a professional design team with 130 staff. With “creative design and careful planning” as its philosophy, its designers are encouraged to provide unconstrained design ideas and to carry them out strictly. On basis of excellent design management, the company pays much concern to clients’ demands so as to provide professional design services beyond clients’ expectation. LeStyle has successively established strategic partnership with Vanke, Gemdale, Wharf Holdings, and China Overseas Property etc., and has won high recognitions from the clients.