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On the outskirts of Shanghai, we renovated a Suzhou garden-style antique house. Single-family house, with underground garage as the main entrance of motor vehicles, is divided into people and vehicles. In the chaotic and dilapidated state of the past, the house has taken on a new look. By introducing light into the house and increasing the layout level of the space, we have brought new vitality to the space, and at the same time created opportunities for rewriting history and creating new memories.
The project aims to create a space for family emotional communication, and create the overall space atmosphere with the warmth of natural light and the simplicity and elegance of wall materials. As the area of Project 3/5 is underground, we will think about the source and significance of light through the narrow skylight in the dark basement.
For the in-depth understanding of the owners, it is also an inevitable choice to change the house into a communication space for living emotions. Through the transformation, it not only helps to continue the original unique oriental characteristics of the building, but also shows a new design expression with different ideas, a "non-urban" place, a safe haven that can isolate the noise of the outside world, help to adjust one's senses and emotions, and re-establish dialogue with oneself.
Through the intervention of space, we have built this place into a warm space with continuity and minimalist style; At the same time, the natural lighting in the basement is improved, and a large number of oriental craft materials are used, so that there is a close dialogue between light and matter. Wu Mansion is both a house and a place; An intimate space for creativity, and most importantly, a space for enjoyment and sharing.

Agency: Shanghai B-house Construction Engineering Co.Ltd.

B-house Construction, established in Shanghai in 2016, has established 4 affiliated companies so far. B-house Architecture focuses on the research and practice of architectural design, landscape design, high-end private house customization, homestay hotel, commercial display, office space and engineering construction. After years of development, it has rich project operation experience and capabilities.
-The core strength of B-house Construction comes from a unique multi-professional, multi-cultural and international group of chief designers and design teams, adopting advanced design company development model and design management experience. The team gathered a group of young designers from different backgrounds and experiences, so they brought innovative design ideas and techniques.
Originated from the unremitting pursuit and tenacious exploration of excellent design, it perfectly unifies creativity, harmony and transcendence from beginning to end, and takes the customer's needs and vital interests as the starting point to provide comprehensive and accurate solutions with all directions and multiple perspectives.
Enterprise mission: Design embodies value and brings change with professionalism. Empower talents in the industry to make the lives of customers, partners and corporate members better.
Corporate Vision: To become a high-quality brand of personalized commercial public space design in China
"Ben": běn The root of things, according to the Oracle Bone Inscriptions font, is the root of a tree opposite to "end".
"She": she is the residence, house and building.
"Ben She": It means to return to the origin and reflect the value in a limited space. -Be true to the foundation, and give up the goods.