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Shanghai Merchants Hongqiao Brilliant Era
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Project Name: Shanghai Merchants Hongqiao Brilliant Era
Location:Brilliant times of investment attraction on the 7th floor of Building l1b, Hongqiao World Center, Huizhuo Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai
Design Company: Shanghai Puli Architectural Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd
Chief Designer: Jack,Shen
Area: 795m²
Cost: ¥2000000.00
Design Cycle: 2022-09-26
Completion time: 2022-10-29
Main Materials: Wood veneer, leather, marble, metal, acrylic,Coloured glaze
Client Name: Shanghai·Zhaoshang
Photographer: Mingchen Space Photography
Text:: The project is located at L1B-6F, Hongqiao World Center, Qingpu District, Shanghai, China. It is a business area and leisure area with its own "flow" attribute. It is close to Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao Station, Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The transportation is developed and convenient.
The hardbound materials are mainly extracted from the combination of simple and atmospheric art paint, lightweight acrylic, original artificial terrazzo, textured marble, and reflective mirror steel to reflect the harmony between human and nature.
We will read - read, appreciate flowers - watch, music - enjoy, taste coffee - taste, and enjoy slow life in order to build a natural and exquisite ecological life museum. Use the charm of nature to remove the flashiness of the city and lead people out of the noise and anxiety. Give yourself a soft time, and peace of mind is far away, ordinary but not mediocre. Create a new urban life mode with a sense of space atmosphere! The furniture has chosen the type of radian shape wrapping, and the texture leather, high-quality metal, marble and stone, as well as the bright lights of colored glass are used to decorate the whole space.
At the same time, we will give each space some memory points. Memory points such as hand washing, cultural creativity, light food and punch card are located.
We use the Star Rabbit IP, which is co-named with GUCCI, to implant into the whole space, and follow the lead of the Star Rabbit to take customers around the beautiful residence in the name of tourists.
"Star Rabbit" IP introduction card.
• Occupation: natural traveler
• Character: self-discipline, optimism and openness
• Hobbies: running and fitness, loving nature
In the online red card printing area, the combination of silver texture goose soft stone flowerpots and fresh green maple trees are used to hang some online red small cards to increase the customer experience and integrate the adorable IP "star rabbit" - take your card printing photos!!! To create a bright era and create an online red punch atmosphere.
• Injecting young people's DNA
• Immersive experience needs
• Offline clocking experience
• Emotional interaction mode
Shallow contact area, to create a light food restaurant&a sense of online celebrity life.
The reeds whistling at the window blew the evening wind, and the captain was painted in the rain. One piece of green and one piece of white can't be separated. Stay here. The reed and ball are installed in the immersive negotiation area, which encloses the arc experience area of quiet in the bustle.
In the water bar area, we hope to take the fashionable hand brewed coffee as the experience content, inherit the aesthetics of contemporary art and life, and integrate coffee tasting and recreation with cultural creativity. In the background wall cabinet of the water bar area, the minority and brand artists will be selected for display, and the bone porcelain teacups will be made by hand. Place in the form of thousands of cups. It is matched with the volume-sensitive glass wall lamp on the wall to reflect the overall texture and artistic details. The table top will be placed with light and replaceable flower art, and a series of interesting and artistic hand-flushed coffee ornaments to increase the sense of ceremony.
The deep contact area selects the leather sofa which is fully wrapped with privacy, marble+metal combined with elegant tea table, and the base is placed with hand-flushed coffee&interesting books, which also creates the atmosphere of the decoration of the online red restaurant.
In the center of Shenqiao District, our IP star rabbit traveler was placed to create a sense of ceremony in the garden atmosphere - a rotatable lighting device embedded in the IP "star rabbit" sculpture, so that people could see it.
Decorative painting of the viewing passage, We use the principle of "entering is natural, leaving is prosperous" to create a "small hidden in the forest, big hidden in the market" for our customers. The combination of space and nature "The feeling of". When customers look at the house, they can also experience that one side is the natural ecological space that allows people to obtain tranquility, and the other side is the flourishing place with superior location. The IP Star Rabbit led us to start another tour of the model room. The white luminous globe lamp installation art with details on the ground and the natural fresh green plants create the artistic form of natural symbiosis, which is simple and clear, and makes people and nature integrate, highlighting the theme.

Designer:Lu Ying

Lu Ying, young interior designer, senior interior architect. For many years, she has been specializing in interior space design and the creativity and performance of space furnishings and decorations. Dedicated to hotels, clubs, large mansions, villas and real estate model homes and sales offices and other projects of space design. Not confined to the type of project, never stop research and study, adhere to the diversified comprehensive development services in the community needs. We have completed many projects and won the praise of our clients. Always adhering to the rigorous professional attitude, extraordinary design quality and taste, the enterprising spirit of excellence, and constantly study and thirst to absorb the essence and nutrients from every corner of the professional field.
The design concept should not be confined to the form, and should pay more attention to the inner emotional expression. It contains the understanding of society and architecture, the thinking of culture, the love of life, the consideration of comfort, the care of human emotion, soul design, reinterpretation of the spirit of art.