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Shanghai Hongqiao Radiant Peak Model Home
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The theme of this project is "the star and the sea, the sun and the life", searching for inspiration about the life of the contemporary young people, integrating the spirit of trend, personality and diversity into the space, and conveying the spirit of the young generation in Shanghai to work hard. The space is embellished with the blue-green color of the sea and the sunny orange color, making the space full of vitality and vigor.

Designer: Nicky Luo

Nicky Luo is a senior designer with international registration. He has 20 years of design experience with first-tier real estate product planning and market sense. He has designed and coordinated hundreds of successful real estate showcase, commercial and hotel projects. His earliest real estate achievements started from designing the model house for the benchmark property Best Garden II and Champs Elysees Garden, Vanke 17 Mile Villa, etc. In 2002, he designed the first green model house for Shenzhen Spring Fair, Green House, etc.