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Shanghai HI EYE Hospital
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Hello everyone, I am designer Xiaopeng. HI EYE covering an area of nearly 3000 square meters, is located in Jing’an District, Shanghai. Stepping into the HI EYE lobby, people will instantly immerse themselves in a carefully crafted innovative medical experience. The left is the experience area and the right is the treatment area. The eye-catching background wall of the reception desk, shaped like ocean waves, marks the beginning of the medical experience at HI EYE Hospital. Interesting architectural elements are designed to add vitality to the environment, stimulate people’s expectations, and guide them to explore the uniqueness of the medical space. In the Eye Experience Pavilion, we aim to give the space a gallery-like atmosphere while adding interactive installations. The content of science popularization combines artificial and natural light to explore people’s perception and changes in science popularization spaces. We have also applied the same concept to the treatment space of this ophthalmic hospital project. When you enter the treatment area, you can see a series of aesthetics everywhere, as if it's not just a commodity, which represents another key principle of our practice: Less is more. The colorful eyeglass frames complement the entire medical white space, as well as more technical solutions, such as ergonomically designed eyeglass frame workstations. In the medical area, we used concise materials such as white oak, honeydew white, art lacquer, GRG, terrazzo, and floor glue. On the base of the medical white space, the facade and ceiling are covered with white film bearing the brand logo, intersecting with the furniture array containing colors. This fully opens up the visual focus of the space to pedestrians and traffic lines outside the building, always directing the visual attention to the entire HI EYE Hospital.


Specialized Industry Designer
Medical Industry Hospital Designer
Professional Technical Environmental Art Designer in Beijing
International Registered Senior Interior Architect
HOSPITAL Design WeChat Official Account Brand
Graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, engaged in medical design for 10 years since 11 years ago Head of Medical Business Division at Jianfeng Design Institute,Principal of JSD Medical Design Brand