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Shanghai Cuihu Tiandi Showcase Project


Always new.
Some people say that Green Lake is too unlike a real estate project. Since 1996, SOM has written an overall plan of 1.27 million square meters. Yayuan sought cultural inspiration from Shikumen in 2002 The most Shanghai “Art deco” in the Royal Garden in 2006 The simple style of Jiayuan in 2008 The dream house of Cuihu Five Meetings. Always looking for new artistic concepts, a new high-definition life, and building a new dream home for a long time.
Not looking for new scenery, but looking for new horizons. This may be the essence of it unlike real estate projects.
September 2019. I am excited to get such a project. After sorting out the design ideas and returning to rationality, I became cautious. The stone has a long history, if I inherit the principle of everything, Janes can continue, but complex is difficult. I am always new, such as Shi has the ambition to return to Pu, exquisite and natural. The wonder of stone condenses the inner emotion and spirit to make it eternal. The original stone, like the original self, feels belonging. It will naturally become the new and long-lasting vision we are looking for. I look for the possibility of falling into the product from the texture, texture, rhyme and shape of the stone. The shape and texture spread the space, conveying emotional belonging and cultural identity, which is warm and interesting, but also natural and comfortable.
The living room is the soul of space. The product precipitates form, material, look and feel, and look forward to appreciation and taste. Two expensive Handmade Horsehair & Iron Side Chairs were jointly designed and manufactured by textile Alexandra Kohl and furniture designer J.M. Szymanski. The rugged Alexandra Kohl horsehair textiles and the unsophisticated cast iron metalwork are given subtle features similar to beasts. The artist tries to evoke the collision of two unique crafts, overflowing with a strong sense of history.
The edge of the German furniture brand Wittmann, established in 1896, embodies more delicate, comfortable, elegant design and exquisite details. The exquisite and slender Melange Stool Table can double as a magazine rack, the side table can also be used as a stool, or it can be used as a portable tray with feet after adding a handle. The leather surface is decorated with carefully designed stitching.
A good physical space can change a person's magnetic field, the birth of an artistic mind, and the moment of selflessness in life, which is the so-called "quiet light" in aesthetics. The starting point is that everything is empty, the mind is not obstructed, and the world is temporarily insulated. The suspended dining table is held up by a stone shape made of blown glass, and the space is transparent and mysterious. The elbow chandelier at the top adds warmth and warmth. When the sunlight outside the house penetrates the white gauze and penetrates the space infiltrated by green plants. The emptiness of Jue Xin, the guest is holding Wan Jing. Wan Jing was immersed in human life and became infected with spirit. The image presents the life of the soul, the birth of beauty, and the exchange of spiritual energy. All good attributes are to be perceived and touched in the image.
The kitchen is no longer full of fumes, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar. The stylish and cool Martin bar has become the protagonist of the kitchen. In the audio-visual room, you will be willing to sit down on the sofa or lie down to enjoy a movie or a small fragment. It is not feminine, but just allows you to relax and enjoy quietly in the whole space. With the light of the sky in the early morning or evening and the lights that go out or first brighten, it seems to be a painting, and it will be much clearer when you breathe.
The collection room where you can read and play with your beloved things is a private domain, with Chinese clothes and a collection of books. Of course, you can also pick up a glass of meditation here. The kind of mood that needs to adjust the pupil size inadvertently will be calm and enjoy the moment The master bedroom looks like a suspended bed, and the hidden indirect light makes the bedroom mysterious and special.
This is quiet and secret. When you strike a match and light the bedside aromatherapy, the long-burned candle wicks dance for joy. Everything is romantic and beautiful, comfortable and just right, without any burden.
Observe Vientiane, it is as bright and clean as in a mirror. And each gets what it wants, this contented, free life reveals its glory in the silent space.
In the customer's return visit, we learned a wonderful evaluation. The evaluation of the entire space is like "a girl who is ignorant", and when the girl first appeared, "Quiet is the result of group movement, and nothing is left is quiet."

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