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Shandong Zoucheng Zilin Mansion Project Sales Office
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The project is located in Zoucheng, Shandong Province. It is a famous city with a long history. The accumulation of years, the transmission of culture, and the thickness of history give it a unique memory of the times. In the initial exploration here, the Heqi design team, according to the local typical Zou Lu cultural context, through continuous innovation, collision and integration, realizes the symbiosis and integration of business functions and regional humanities, and the concept of residence, and uses the unique narrative language to continue the meaning given by the city to build a modern Oriental co-life reception hall where tradition and modernity collide.
The overall design starts from "immersive experience", integrates the life scenes of literati and refined scholars into the modern metropolis, deduces oriental aesthetics with modern deconstruction language, and explores the concept of future residence.
The space starts from the "implication" and unfolds in the way of dialogue between ancient and modern times. It is condensed in the pulse of traditional culture. The axisymmetric ritual model has been completely inherited. The ritual standards of poets and calligraphers are still the most respected benchmark in today's society, and they are imbued with rich and innovative spiritual connections in the pattern of humility.
The Heqi design team inserted the Oriental ritual sequence into the migratory moving line. From the moment we entered the door, we named the front hall zoulu porch, and the strong oriental gene laid the first hall temperament of the space; Then go inside to the negotiation area. We divide the negotiation area into two areas: Teahouse theater and cultural salon according to the regional cultural characteristics, which introduce the local social ways and ancient classics, and produce different spatial functional attributes according to different communication methods; From outside to inside, enter the negotiation area. The square layout on the left and right sides is clear-cut, cleverly extracting the form of ancient buildings and Han Dynasty furniture, presenting an aesthetic construction that is both contemporary and inherited, and integrating the Oriental architectural philosophy into the interior. The tables and chairs are simple and heavy, as if they were clumsy, supplemented by leather and other cloth fabrics. The details are of great quality, making the whole space calm and simple, elegant and natural. The "round table" area is full of ingenuity. There are square scenes in the circle, and the angular circle also reflects the life philosophy of seeking change in the square and the round in the oriental culture. Between the square and the circle, there is not only a beauty of space form, but also a beauty of Chinese artistic conception. Finally, in the VIP area, according to the purpose and class of the visiting customers, we named the space as the literati elegant collection, and pushed the Oriental ritual sequence to a climax with rhythmic spatial paragraphs. We hope to activate the overall value of space with this cultural emotional experience.
Circulating in the changes of different spatial attributes, the Heqi team transforms the visible tangible space into invisible spiritual and emotional traces while fulfilling the functional needs, and experiences the unique poetic charm in simplicity and tranquility. Break the boundaries between tradition and modernity, dream and reality, and integrate aesthetics and life. It provides people living in a busy and noisy modern city with a spiritual space where virtual reality coexists with complexity and simplicity, which can return to the spiritual standard of nature and human nature, and find their true inner feelings again. Based on local culture, inherit ancient classics, open a dialogue about history and the present between visitors, and review the past and the determination of the city to carry on the past and forge ahead.

Agency: Shanghai Heqi decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd

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