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In the new flat, we adjust each space according to our own understanding.Based on humanization of functions, personalization of decoration and safety of using, we treat the ground with anti-skid technology and no height difference. Also, for the fillet design for some walls and cabinets, we adopted invisible handle for cupboards to make this space more suitable for the elderly and children.
We don't want any limitation in the overall design, and also we are not using meaningless decoration. Through the details of our design, we show the high quality and the connotation of our culture. The whole space is divided into two zones by moving doors, the public zone for action and the private zone for rest.
The public zone is beautifully light and airy, which is brighter than before and could be opened and closed. The moving line of western kitchen is changed into ring. The Chinese kitchen is comprised of separate spaces, forming a complete and functional area. The door of children’s and elder’s room can be opened during the day to meet the needs of good ventilation and lighting. The children’s room is small but meet their needs. It is screened off from the master bedroom but not separated.
It is worth mentioning that the triangular bathroom of the elder people’s room is the difficult point of our design. The main activity area is in front of the toilet so we place the toilet at the sharpest acute angle corner. Then, we use a locker as the back of the toilet, so that the corner can be utilized.
The other acute angle corner is designed as a shower room. We pour a seat for the old and bath products can be placed in it. The lower part of the shower room is square, while the upper part is an open triangular arc wall. Not only make full use of space, but also avoid the sense of visual oppression.
Above the shoe cabinet is of frosted glass and its visibility can be controlled so that the light from kitchen can reach the end of the corridor.
The boards on both sides of the shoe cabinet is curved and shaped with a slope of 135 degrees. Compared with the right angle plane, the slope is more decorative.
No main light is adopted in lighting design, avoiding the trouble of fixing main light. Customized arc metal line was added to the outside of ceiling to avoid shrinkage cracking as well as showing delicacy.
We divide the master bedroom into three parts one for sleeping and two as cloakrooms by a light steel arc partition. It not only makes full use of this space but also ensure privacy of the users. Screened off but not separated.
We add a wash and drinking area to the children’s room to make the night care for infants more convenient. The bottom is equipped with a movable drawer, which can be used for storage. It can also be used as a foot-board for children to brush their teeth and wash their hands by themselves.
Normal chair may roll over and cause accidents. For safety, when the load is beyond 15 kilo, the wheel will be auto-locked.
Because of the structural column, the original wall of living room and toilet has a 10 cm corner, which is hard to pave and not looks good. So we flatten the bottom of the wall and enrich decoration of the space by various materials. We hide the tap and toilet’s water tank into the wall and replace traditional hardware with locker. Not only makes the space more pleasing, but also makes it easier to clean

Designer: Steven Sun

Personal experience: 2008 bachelor's degree of design department, School of media and design, Shanghai Jiaotong University In 2008, he joined China Haicheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. as the architectural designer of the fifth Design Institute. In 2010, he joined Quanzhu Construction Co., Ltd. as the leader of design group of complete decoration and supporting department. In 2013, Shanghai Zhengshi interior decoration design Co., Ltd. was registered, and its brand was registered as decoration space design. Shanghai Zhengshi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 Zhengshi Quanmu was founded in 2019 (Shanghai Zhengshi engineering installation Co., Ltd.) Major Honors: 2012 Shanghai outstanding interior designer Nominations for the 6th Nest award in 2015 CBDA design conference 2019 - Elite designer of the year 2019 2019 China design brand list - villa space nomination 2019 M + top 30 China Top Interior DESIGN AWARD Shanghai best Popularity Award Top 10 living space designers of Shanghai District in 2019 in-home Award Winner of the 13th gold interior design(DAIKIN) competition in 2019 2019 CEAPVA Award - outstanding works of ICVA Asia Pacific visual art exchange exhibition 2020 CBDA China decoration design award villa Gold Award 2020 Golden- Creativity IDG villa luxury house Bronze Award 2020 Golden- Creativity IDG villa luxury house Innovation Award 2020 HUA DING Award: outstanding young architectural interior designer in 2019 CBDA registered senior architect of China Construction Association Registered senior designer of ICDA Member of China Building Decoration Association Member of Shanghai Decoration Industry Association Member of APDF Asia Pacific Design Alliance