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Rubik’s Cube
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The furnishment project “Rubik’s cube”, located at Zhuhai, covers a total area of 190 square meter. Designer Zac intended to inject an immersive atmosphere into the new residence. He combined the atypical structure of the house with rounded details to outline a new silhouette, doing so gives a new timeless style between minimalism and art.
The entire space of the compartmented residence is bathed in sunlight. A light-film roof is set above the living room to connect indoor and outdoor by allowing natural light into the room, giving the design a brand-new look. Arc decorations are arranged on the wall in an orderly manner, matched with carefully selected modern furniture, highlighting the extraordinary personality of the space.
The living room, the dining and kitchen are all in one space. The white sky lamp is exaggerated in shape and hung above the dining table, which is very decorative. The large dining table offers a great opportunity for a family dinner party, capable of both living and entertainment.
To enhance the connection with natural sunlight, Zac created a see-through bathroom in the bedroom suite. Light enters from the patio, creating a cozy and quiet den. The bathroom is bounded by a circular arc board, which separates the wet and dry sides. The marble on the floor climbs upwards the counters, priming an impression of an outdoor water landscape.

Designer:Zhu Chao