INNOVATION Prize of Mansion Villa

Resilience villa


Project Name: Daguan Villa
Area: 1000 square meters



In a happy family of four, the couple hope to simplify the living environment as much as possible, bright, concise and spacious, and give their children indulgent and independent space as much as possible. In this case, the modern and the traditional influence each other, the avant-garde and the ancient style achieve a good integration.
The sofa area is surrounded in the middle of the living room. A row of neat French windows naturally form a corridor. Adults can chat and taste tea. Children can jump or play on the ground in the sun. Sunshine, laughter, breath and emotion can follow the children's steps. There is not too much modeling and color on the wall, and white is selected in large area, but the black and white gray level is reflected through the collocation of different materials.

Desinger : Pan Bo