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In this case, a large area of water-repellent concrete is used. The water-repellent concrete is naturally simple and integrally formed. The structure is decoration. In domestic decoration, there are few such large-scale clear water finishes.
The cool gray tone, rationality and quiet texture of fair-faced concrete often give people an abstract and simple, pure and solemn feeling. It shows people in their original colors, can better capture light changes in space, and has a very high sensitivity to light and shadow. The surface is complete And smooth, without the intervention of other building materials, the entire decoration is like a native template, people can not help but touch.
Tadao Ando and Beiruming two architects tell us with architecture: Concrete is the purest architectural language and a symbol of elegance and romance. The clear water concrete called "beauty beauty" is this pure and romantic combination.
In the urban jungle made of cement and steel bars, the designer hopes to use the original materials to evoke the purity of people's hearts, and at the moment of entering the space, give back to the mind and think clearly.

Green plants bring vitality to this small world, echoing the natural styles of clean concrete and terrazzo. The TV background wall is made of brushed stainless steel in a large area. "One rigid and one flexible" and "Rigidity and softness" describe the owner's love for the pure and fragmented space
The top of the living room sofa is decorated with a small amount of red bricks, which retains the charm of the industrial era. It is in harmony with the green plants in the living room. The original and simple fun is born correspondingly. As a different color in the living room, it is invisible and External contacts were established. The lamp is light, the steel is the shadow, and the light and shadow show a faint brilliance.
The dining room continues the same decoration style as the living room. We use different materials on the top to distinguish the relationship between the dining room and the living room. FLOS AIM's chandelier instantly enhances the atmosphere of the dining area and maps it on the industrial-style gray slate table. It is equipped with low-saturated earth-colored metal dining chairs. While creating a simple and elegant atmosphere, it also reflects the light industry And exquisite, is a manifestation of minimalist aesthetics.
The minimalist L-shaped cabinet maximizes the use of space. The straight-line cutting space and uniform color tone bring the effect of space folding, which not only humanizes the space requirements during cooking, but also does not appear cluttered. The terrazzo floor integrated with the guest restaurant and the cement gray tiles on the wall are interwoven with the clear water concrete, showing the pureness and nature of the true color, and the light industrialism performance that the homeowner likes is fully covered.
The blue velvet soft bed with gray bedding, the wooden floor made of fish bones and the perseverance and coldness of the fair-faced concrete are perfectly integrated. The splits on the wall and the top surface undoubtedly do not show the clear-faced concrete The true color and purity. The entire space is closed and quiet, and the unity of materials makes people feel the independence of the space. The simple and original toughness gives an infinite sense of security. Every time you lie in the bedroom, it is a full release of the body and mind. The body seems to be completely saturated with comfort and softness, so that the mind and body can be relaxed for a long time.
The guest bedroom uses a storage-type oversized bed box close to 2200x2600, which extends from the wall to the top to the wardrobe. The high-grade gray veneer shape is equipped with a bar wall lamp to listen to the rain outside the window. Personally speaking, this place is undoubtedly a leisurely place to rest. The combination of gray and white tones gives people visual and spiritual relaxation. The design of the embedded storage bed and wardrobe can also maximize the use of every inch of space, increasing the functional requirements for storage.
The study room also uses fair-faced concrete materials in large areas, from the wall to the top surface, a mottled feeling, highlighting the natural beauty of the material and the mentality of returning to the essence. In the choice of soft decoration, a stylish industrial style solid wood long table and a classic MAGIS geometric chair are used. At the same time, red adds vitality and fun to the entire space. With a special metal bookshelf, the condensed geometric form is displayed With the power of industry, all this is in harmony with fair-faced concrete. The low-altitude chandelier, which is also made of clear water concrete, divides the gray and black decorative painting into two, showing the perfect combination of light and shadow, like the folding of the past and the future, giving people the dimension of infinite thinking.
The main guard and the second guard are basically the same in overall sense. The addition of IMOLA WORD UP and DISTRICT makes the bathroom look extra special. At the same time, the design of the hanging washbasin and the wall-hung toilet are more user-friendly and easier to clean and organize. The omnidirectional and multi-angle clear water concrete wall lamp is delicate and gentle, and cooperates with the 4000k main lighting source to make every corner of the whole bathroom bright and cheerful without falling. In the design, we pay attention to every detail, including a lamp, a mirror, a painting, a green plant...... All this makes the modern design wisdom spread to every corner, so that the industrial style is thick and concise Can be perfectly integrated.
Tadao Ando, known as the "Clear Water Concrete Poet," said: "Light endows beauty with drama, and wind and rain add color to life through their effect on the human body. Architecture is a medium that allows people to feel the existence of nature." Jane is extremely expensive and does not work well. The beauty of fair-faced concrete is not only the characteristics and beauty of the material itself, but also the quiet nature of light and shadow reflected on it. Nature, art, and humanity coexist in this case. The whole design reflects the deepness in the calm and authenticity. It is simple and elegant and close to life. It adds a rational temperature to the urban chaos. This is probably the reason why clear water concrete is loved by people.

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