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Enping Greenland Golden Town


The project is located on the north bank of Qingnan Corner Reservoir, Quanlin Golden Town, Enping City, Guangdong Province, surrounded by green mountains and rivers. It is adjacent to the historical gold panning relics and adjacent to the Enping Station of Shenmao High Speed Railway. A public building that integrates services, office meetings, and leisure negotiations, to create a future technology integrated thematic experience center with unique aesthetic attributes. The first floor is the sales office, and the second floor is the Feng Ru cultural flight theme experience hall.
Enping is the hometown of Feng Ru, Chinese first aircraft designer, manufacturer, aviator, and the father of Chinese aviation. Feng Ru’s flying dream took off from Enping and flew in the long sky of history. It would be an opportunity and a cultural foundation of Guangdong Aviation Science Education Base if we build in Enping.
The overall shape of the building draws on the unique shape of the alien spacecraft, combined with the specific location of the project and the surrounding environment, we develop the architectural plan with the story line of aliens’ visit.
The site located in mountainous which has a large height difference. In order to highlight the landmark of the demonstration area and create a new landmark, we placed the demonstration area at the southernmost hilltop of No. 8, with the most beautiful natural scenery of the city, an overlook the Qingnan Corner Reservoir in the south. And we show the city of the sky by combining with the Reservoir, as if it floats in the mountains and rivers.
The overall shape of the building is like a flying saucer. The whole building is born out of the sky with its light and agile, unique shape like a spaceship. During the day, it looks like a "time and space shuttle" and a "sea-shell of art"; at night, it is dreamy and blurred, like a "floating mountain forest". Like the "Enzhou Strange Stone" in the deep mountains and old forests, the building takes the mountain as the background, and the planning of traditional Chinese city. The soft building shape is integrated into the mountain, and the mountain is organically combined and blended in form. The relationship between the building and the environment is oily. At the beginning of the architectural design, we tried to use symbolic architectural language to establish a connection with the historical environment. we imagined a mysterious flying saucer that quietly came to this colorful Earth, standing on the north bank foothills of the Qingnan Corner Reservoir. With the gradual unfolding of the architectural space narrative, the construction meaning of this project has also quietly produced a metaphorical ambiguity. The shape of the "flying saucer" in the center implies a forward-looking, high-spirited heroic spirit, marking a great era and a beautiful vision for the future.
A sightseeing corridor is set on the first floor of the "flying saucer", and the other end is connected to a vertical sightseeing elevator, just like a time tunnel for aliens to reach the earth.
Each floor of the exhibition center adopts a full glass screen structure, so we can enjoy the first-line waterscape at everywhere of each floor.
In the space display of the building, each floor has a different natural picture presented in front of people, the sky, the connect of the water and the sky, and the water mirror. Using the purest white, illusion of light in space simulates the refraction of the blurred light in outer space, awakening people's desire for the unknown universe.
Architectural function and architectural form fit: the first floor and mezzanine are the sales office, the first floor is the reception and talk area, the mezzanine is combined with the lighting dome on the top of the building to set up a sandboard area, and the two are connected by an arc-shaped landscape staircase;
The second floor is a large aerospace exhibition experience space, which contains simulated flight classrooms, aircraft carrier formation exhibition halls, flight experience, 737 simulator experience cabins, etc., to provide visitors with popular science knowledge.