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Qiushuyuan Resort
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Located in the Mengcheng County Forest Park, the 16-room, 11-building, 3,000-square-foot Qiushuyuan Resort is a typical huizhou-style residential building, among them 6 building, 8 building, 9 building a complete restoration of the Anhui ancient architecture, the entire park is divided into two parts, dining area and guest room area.
The dining area contains buildings 8,9,7,7-1,11, Hall of mirrors, Ryōunkaku and 10; One of the 8,9 building location of the single-storey restaurant, each building is a good preservation of the original style of the building, the first floor as a dining area. The second floor as a dining area, tea room chess card, as the park to do high-end two dining area.
The Hall of Mirrors is located in the central area of the park, opening to the lake and serving as a landscaped area as well as a high-end tea room of the hotel, while Ryōunkaku serves as the highest point of the park and the ground floor serves as a dining area, second floor as a leisure calligraphy area; 11 building as the office area of the hotel.
The guest room area includes building 2,4,3,5 and 6, of which building 2 and 4 serve as hotel suites; Buildings 3 and 5 contain large beds, suites and standard rooms, while the first floor of building 6 serves as the hotel's reception area and the Tea Room area and the second floor of the dining area for leisure reading area, conference area and Tea Room Area There are 16 rooms in total, 5 suites, 9 big bed rooms and 2 standard rooms.
The style of ancient buildings in Huizhou is well preserved throughout the park. In the process of interior design, we also show the characteristics of the buildings. We don't make excessive decoration, which makes the visitors better reflect the style of ancient buildings in Hong Kong