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Plate: Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, Southeast New City plate
Location: South of Zhongwu Road in the Far East and west of Chengdong Road
Location: This case is located in the Southeast New City section of Yuyao downtown area, which is a first-class key core development area. With the gradual acceleration of the city development process, Yuyao urban development center gradually shifts to the southeast section, and the section has great potential for future development. The location of the case has a complete transportation network, high regional transportation accessibility, and complete commercial, educational, medical and other basic facilities.
Scope of design: Experience center (the first floor and second floor of property management room)

Agency: Hangzhou Yinji Decoration Design Co. LTD

YINJI DESIGN, located in Hangzhou, China, is committed to providing complete whole-process cooperation of hardcover DESIGN and quality DESIGN consulting services for domestic first-line real estate enterprises. The main team has more than 10 years of first-line DESIGN practice experience. YINJI has always been adhering to the service concept of "focus on design and create value", and has established long-term cooperative relations with many first-line real estate enterprises in China.
YINJI's design is based on the environment, created from the situation, and understood from the state of mind, bringing a sense of functionality, space and art to each project. In the continuous development of the form of real estate interior design as the core, residential, hotel, office, commercial and other fields of business pattern. In the future, YINJI will continue to strive to grasp the context of The Times, always adhere to the design concept of "combination of design and art, unlimited innovation", and constantly create new space aesthetics.