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Qingchengshan Cloud Hot Spring Hotel
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Above the clouds, under the mountain of Qingcheng, the hot spring hotel is like poetic dwelling. Surrounded by mountains, mist weaving light yarn, jumping gold at dusk, night still star river.
Art and nature blend, and the aura overflows in the square. Intone with the beauty of the world, poured into this, two years of effort, build a dream between the mountains and rivers.
The exterior walls of the hotel feature large floor-to-ceiling Windows . Make the room full of light. Have a broad vision .Stand anywhere in the hotel . Can enjoy the magnificent scenery of Qingcheng Mountain .As if in the clouds The sound of flowing waterGraceful swaying tree shadows. A soft, moist breeze.
Here, the delicacy of nature and the roughness of man. Layers on top of each other, echoing each other. Next to the hot spring pool in the courtyard. Rocks piled up at will, bamboo curtains for walls .
In a small courtyard filled with steam .
Create a serene and elegant atmosphere.Or a place of high mountains and running water. Or like a cloud .Or covered with flowers. Empathize with the scene. Concentrate on form .
Implied meaning to image.
Quiet afternoon prepared a pot of teaThe aroma of tea is diffused throughout the space.
Sit in the tea room.
Enjoy the comfort and freedom of not being disturbed. A safe haven from the mob. Melodious music. The nebulae tops are dazzling. Like a dreamy sky.Dance with nature. Let family time bask in the beauty and tranquility of Mt. Qingcheng.Earth colored rock space. The wonderful world of caves. A strong sense of foreignness. Makes you forget you're in the mountains.
Colorful, unique style. Let romance go with freedom.Elegant color matching .Comfortable furniture arrangement. Let people feel the warmth of the southern French sun.The room is decorated in Venetian style. Create a romantic and elegant atmosphere.Ten different styles, different rhyme. French romance, American classic, Bohemian freedom, cave primitive, Chinese gentle. Like a trip on the Silk Road .A dream every night.

Agency/Designer:Chengdu Aonan Shiye,Li Tao

Executive director of China Youth Enterprise Association
Representatives of all China Federation of industry and Commerce
Member of Sichuan Youth Federation
Top ten young entrepreneurs in Sichuan Province
Outstanding private entrepreneurs in Sichuan Province