SILVER Prize of Decoration Display

Puyang Shihe Mansion Sale Center


Owner:Central China Real Estate Group (China) Company Limited
Planning Design Consultant:VVS Design /VANSN Product Development Center,Shanghai Vanke
Architectural Design Consultant:VVS Design
Interior Design Consultant:VVS Design
Floor Area:1750㎡
Interior Area:1500㎡
Date of Completion:2018 10
Cycle of Design):2017 10 - 2018 5



The project is located in Puyang City, Henan Province. The architecture has two floors -above and below ground. The traditional library culture is the main storyline, the first floor represents the respect for Chinese traditional culture. Combined with the design method of the traditional buildings in north China, it is divided into: the shadow wall (reception area), the corridor (channel area), and the classroom (negotiation area). The underground is based on the concept of “returning to Tibet”, which means that everything belongs to Tibet and echoes the tradition with a simple and modern approach. Incorporating the local traditional culture, we refine the unique craftsmanship to embellish the color and texture of the space, and we aim to re-engage the “artisan spirit” that has been gradually forgotten and we hope it will be inherited from now on.

VVS Design