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Public Welfare Transformation Project of Haining Peizhi School – Rainbow House
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Rainbow House, a public welfare transformation project for the lovely children with mental retardation, covers an area of 290m2. Based on different function demands, it is partitioned into the teaching zone, the exhibition zone for works, the multi-functional activity zone and the tool room, of which the teaching zone include four handwork classrooms including Assembling Room, Weaving Room, Art Design Room, and Handmade Soap Room. The students can do practices with living skill as value orientation, e.g. free assembling, beading and weaving, creative painting and making of handmade soaps. Besides, they also can display their satisfied works in the exhibition zone, so as to build their confidence at the same time of learning the skills. Additionally, most desks in the Rainbow House can be flexibly combined or moved to meet the use and need of different curriculums.

Inspired by “rainbow after storm”, this transformation decorated the spaces inside and outside the Rainbow House with warm and bright colors, with an implication to bring sunshine and rainbow to Peizhi School and enable the lovely children with mental retardation to be accompanied all the way of happy growth. Colorful glass corridor built at the entrance enables the children to enter this colorful space with “rainbow” underfoot; Inside the House, abundant color matching is applied to mobilize the attention of these special but lovely children. Moreover, inspired by building blocks, each handwork classroom is built into fantastic cabins with peaked roofs. In this way, the Rainbow House can become a warm and interesting “home” for these special but lovely children.

The rainbow color adjusted and matched through design is not so bright and stimulating. It is hoped that the adorable children feel happy when seeing such bright and happy color. Moreover, it is also expected to bring more and diversified colors to the world of these special but lovely children. Furthermore, it is greatly wished that these adorable children can start their colorful lives after going through the hardships and sufferings.

Designer: Nancy Lee

Years of overseas study and work experience have enabled different schools and styles of design concepts to integrate and sublimate in she’s pursuit of art and excellence. Advanced design concepts and geometric aesthetics in the West and refined Confucian and elegant culture in the East are integrated and mutually complementary, so that tradition and innovation, science and aesthetics, fashion and the eternal achieved perfect communication, bursting out excellent ideas and fulfilling customers' entrustment. The most reasonable and scientific scheme are presented to the customers through the collision of ideas and repeated deliberations, so that each project is the desired, and the distinguished customers can enjoy the frontier design around the world.
Nancy Lee believes that design is the art of balance, among rationality and sensibility, science and art, budget and effect, material and craft… It is simple for designers to make the space environment "beautiful", but it is difficult to achieve the perfect combination of function and beauty. For a home, it needs to add emotional attribution and unparalleled comfort experience to make it a "love experience" which cannot be exchanged by "super five-star hotel". If it is a business space, then add the consideration of "market" and "customer" to let the space serve the business. After all, if the core value of commercial space has not been realized, it cannot be called a successful work, even if the design itself has won numerous awards.